flippaI’ve been buying and selling sites for a living for 10 years. I’ve started way before Flippa came along (it was a part of sitepoint forums back then) and when very few people were actually aware of the possibility of investing in profitable websites. Countless purchases and  sales later this is still my main business, with well into 7 figures in transactions.

As the industry grew I’ve noticed that many new buyers are attracted to the market and want to start investing in profitable websites, but don’t really know how and where to begin. Quite often new investors end up going for very cheap websites sold by dubious sellers and end up getting scammed and losing their money. Others invest in quality internet properties, but lacking the required experience to do proper due diligence and evaluation, as well as knowing how to look after and maintain it, even the best websites can die of neglect. Others after buying good sites ruin them by purchasing cheap promotional services or updating with low quality content which causes the sites’ rankings to drop in Google.

While there are many so called “gurus” and “experts” offering advice in $9.99 or $97 ebooks, forums and online courses, claiming to teach people how to make money online, or even how to “flip sites” for profit, there is really no trustworthy resource for quality information for aspiring site investors, that would be geared towards ensuring long term success in dealing with high revenue sites. This type of long term success and profitability is not dependent upon knowing certain tricks, gimmicks or following the current trends. It evolves from the basic knowledge and experience in dealing with various aspects of buying, selling and maintaining high revenue websites and  the willingness to learn and follow proper process in finding, selecting and verifying online properties to acquire.

And this is exactly what you will be learning through this course. The course is divided into a large amount of small chunks of information, split into  just the right size to learn effectively in a week. You’ll receive a weekly newsletter with learning material and some further suggestions, as well as some homework.

The course started in May 2014, however you can still join and catch up. Some of the basic concepts that were discussed in first few lessons will be repeated later as well. The emails are sent out “live” once a week, near the end of the week.

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