WarriorForum.com Sold to Freelancer.com for $3.2M

Warrior Forum
warrior forum

So WarriorForum.com Sold to  Freelancer.com for $3.2M.

Both sites have an equally bad reputation, so many people in the industry say it’s a good match. WarriorForum is well known as the place were mostly useless, and extremely over-hyped products are pushed on to unsuspecting new members in an astoundingly well-organized manner. While Freelancer fails miserably in comparison with other freelance sites like Odesk.com.

The sale is actually old news as it happened two months ago. And it followed the Freelancer IPO and their other acquisitions like vWorker, RentACoder, and Scriptlance – the last one used to be my favorite freelance sites to hire people for small tasks before the acquisition.

So Based on the $3.2M price tag I’d venture a guess that WarriorForum makes mid 6 figures per year in revenue – which makes sense. The forum must be a cash machine – they take hefty fees for pretty much everything. To post any buy/sell/trade-related threads, to increase pm storage so you don’t run out of space after a few messages, to update your sales threads and to access various closed forums. This is probably higher than what DigitapPoint forums are earning, however, many members acquired premium upgrades on it.

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  1. You are absolutely right when you say that both websites have an equally bad reputation in the online market. Let’s hope they don’t come up with some schemes to profit ten times more from new users. Thanks for sharing this news.

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