domain for saleThere has been an unusually high amount of clearance sales and cheap lots posted for sales lately. People are likely coming back from the summer vacations and discovering that the renewals are coming, so trying to sell some names cheap and quick to raise money. This is the perfect opportunity for low budget domain resellers and flippers to go bargain hunting.

Before you dive into this it’s important to not get carried away buying too many domains, so check each one carefully.

How to evaluate the names?

Where to find them?

What to Buy?

That will ultimately depend upon your purposes.  Higher search count .net and .org names can be good to build a site to rank it in Google and monetize. Lower search count .com names can be used to try to sell to end users, or simply resell on the forums or auctions. Buy when you have an idea what you plan to use the domain for: development, flipping, investment, addition to the portfolio, or anything else. And once you bought it make sure to bring those plans into action as soon as possible. Countless domains are being purchased just because it “looked like a good deal at that time” and when the time comes to renew them – they are dropped. So buy smart!

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