And now you can do it on Sitepoint premium marketplace there is one for sale.

PR6 sites are seen for sale very rarely and PR7 even less than that. But here is a real PR9 site! With this SEO weight you can rank in google for pretty much anything with limited amount of content and work put into it.

The sales thread also reports some $4,5K monthly revenues, but you can probably get more by just selling a few links on it.

This little quote at the start of the sales thread reveals a bit about the buyer interest:

NOTE: Due to a lot of interest in this site, “buy it now” of $300,000 executed in a first day and several already higher offers made through private messages, we have rejected the “buy it now” offer and have increased the “buy it now” to $450,000 which seems to be a better reflection of the value of this site.

The new end date for the auction has been set for this Friday.

The site is in fact merely a large catalog of universities all around the world:

BRAINTRACK is a worldwide University-Index on the Internet. It contains information about Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and other higher educational institutions from all over the world.

BRAINTRACK is the largest University-Index on the Internet. It is produced and maintained by AAA Science Network. The company is located in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

This is undoubtedly a unique and very rare opportunity for investors, the site has been online since 1996 and yahoo is showing close to 200K backlinks, many of which are from educational sites and  universities and that’s  HUGE in terms of Google authority and ranking algorithms.

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  1. I’ve considered selling my site and its content, a former PR8 (currently PR6) with 4 million incoming links (Yahoo Site Explorer) and a Technorati Rank of #4. I would guess that it would be a bit unique as well…

    No decisions have been made yet, but if interest exists out there I would be happy to know about it.

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