Webmasters.org Bidding on sitepoint auction Reaches $38K.

It gets up to 10k pageviews per month, but only $25 monthly revenue. This is definitely a nice domain, with great potential as a webmaster community portal, but even with that it’s a very high price for a .org.

What helps is that it’s a pr7 and the site has many links.

The seller quotes these similar sales in the sales thread:

Webmaster.nl €12,000 = $16,141 Sedo


There have been good .org sales in the past

Sexe.org $151,400 Pvt Sale

Date.org $150,349 SnapNames

Loan.org $105,500 SnapNames

Coffee.org $100,000 Sedo 6/3/08

Boats.org $50,249 SnapNames

Lottery.org 66,667 Sedo

WebTip.com ?9,100 = $12,011 Sedo

SearchEngines.com $92,500 Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 4/29/08

SEO.de €48,000 = $70,896 Sedo 1/29/08

Over 3 weeks are left till this is over, so we’ll hear about the auction again shortly..

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