flippa1As some of my readers probably noticed I’ve been selling some of my sites on flippa recently with the aim of reducing my sites portfolio and raising some capital for new projects.

Earlier this year I sold w8themes.com for $7k, this was a site that was actually acquired for $1250 last year on flippa. After adding more content and improving ad placements the site took off from just about $50 up to $600 in 6 months. It’s a good example of a site “flip”.

Next I sold tabledecorationideas.org for $10k – it was a site I acquired about a year ago in a package deal with several other similar sites. It was a serious risk, but it paid off as this site made over $14k in adsense revenue alone.

I also sold some small sites, which didn’t go very well. GlamyHair.com with over $100/month in revenue only ended up for $480 and TrollMania.org fetched just $135 – but that’s the risk of doing no reserve auctions!

Currently I’m also selling SteamProfile.com – a great 5 year old site with a free online service and $30 in monthly revenue. It’s been largely neglected for years so traffic went down, however it’s quite popular with a lot of seo weight – the site has a whooping 10 million backlinks according to MajesticSEO. I bought it earlier this year and planned to develop a bit further as it has great potential, but with many bigger projects it’s hard to find time for smaller ones. The reserve was met on the first day so it’s going to sell now. In retrospect I should have probably set a higher reserve..

Another site for sale now is this – with consistent $100-200 monthly revenue. Also have been neglected for over a year, with just minor updates and fixes. Planning to list a few more soon.

So, be sure to check out these two auctions:  SteamProfile.comTopbedroomdecoratingideas.com and watch me on flippa for more.

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