premium_plus“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers. Seriously, why would you call your domains premium if you’re selling them for $20 each? How can you call JNVY.COM a premium and moreover a quad premium one?

The truth is it’s really one of those useless words to insert in sales threads. Calling a domain premium won’t convince anyone and if the domain truly is premium then there is no point in underlining that fact. Any prospective buyer would know that already.

Actually for many domainers this word likely became associated with the opposite meaning, seeing someone claiming to sell “premium” domains they intuitively expect garbage, and usually rightfully so.

The only real and beneficial use of the word in regards to domain sales is when it actually means something, for example to note that an domain is quad premium, or triple premium.

On a different note I’ve recently noticed that askimet marked some of the legitimate comments as spam, unfortunately due to the large amounts of I can’t go through them all, so if you had any of your comments unapproved that’s mostly the reason. If you made comments earlier on the blog and they weren’t approved post here so I can approve you and next time your comments will be posted automatically.

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  1. I definitely agree though to some extent what one defines is premium varies somewhat based on experience. Premium in other industries would mean top-end or high-quality but someone who has only been in the industry six months will not have the sort of portfolio as another who started domaining in the late 90s. What is pigeon feed for a long-time domainer might be premium for a newbie.

  2. End users know what domain they want.

    That is premium to them so nothing else matters.

    They don’t listen to someone telling them is premium so buy it now.

  3. Good informative article! Many people feel they have a gold domain when in fact it is crap. Its the same with everything – from domains to collectibles.

  4. Not only “premium” but also “category killer” is one of the most abused expression in the industry

  5. Two breeds of domain names – word invention or exact phrase match. Many true generics have little or no search traffic. A true generic is like a grandfather of a new word invention if that new word becomes widely accepted and officially adopted. A true premium generic is simply a measure of the name’s simplicity and more importantly it’s utility (current relevance and use). Beauty may be in the eye of the holder (or enduser) of non-generics. Some word inventions may become so well liked and used they may make it into the book of words (blog could qualify as premium word invention still wet behind the ears).

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