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Harlot.com on Bido

We are putting  Harlot.com on bido and the auction is in less than week July, 8

Great one word domain well fit for an adult site.

Some recent sales on bido turned out to be bargains, so don’t miss this one!

RYY.com – $7,124

domaintalk.com – $2,415

panelist.com – $1,866

golfiowa.com – $460

QVK.com – $6,730

One Reply to “Harlot.com on Bido”

  1. It looks like bido.com is for real. What a steal domaintalk.com was. I am now sorry I didn’t place a bid.

    RYY.com and QVK.com were also steals at under 8k each.

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