DomainMagnate is proud to present a new top domain for sale: DUHI.com

– Besides being a premium cvcv.com domain, this means perfume, fragrance in Russian: ???? (the exact spelling, exact same letters).

– Perfume is one of the largest and most lucrative industries online. Many affiliate programs offer high commissions.

– Perfume is especially huge in Russia. Moscow is the world’s most expensive city and Russian women spend enormous money for their perfumes.

Perfume in Russia alone is a Billion dollar business:

– On the last forbes list Russia is #2 after US by number of billionaires. It’s rich and big and perfume is the kind of exclusive product that can sell high to the upper classes. Serious Russian investors can turn this domain into a 7 figure business!

– Yandex (top Russian search engine) shows over 45million results for the Russian word

Vodka.com sold for $3 Million

Vino.com (wine in Russian and few other European languages) was offered for sale on greatdomains recently with reserve of $200k-500k and the bidding went up to $66k

Duhi.com – can be yours..

accepting offers by email: contact at this domain, or on DNF

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  1. DUHI.com – nice domain name – contact the buyer of vodka.com – contact the top websites listed on the russian search engine and offer them a 30% commission when the domain name gets sold from the total final price – create videos about the benefit of owning the domain name and post them on video websites like you tube / yahoo and others and ther are many other marketing options you can utilize.

  2. Hi, nice site, do you have any tips on the best method to apply eyeliner? Regards

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