For Sale

Below is a selection of websites currently available for sale:

  1. Health content website with high-quality articles, written by a doctor, 5+ years old. $400 in monthly revenue. Price $18k  SOLD
  2. Tech blog, with quality guides and articles, $1500 in monthly revenues via AdSense.
  3. Popular gaming directory and online journal, $10K in monthly revenue, price $300K
  4. Established content website with $1500 in revenue from adsense and private ads. new
  5. SaaS tool for social marketing $2000+ in monthly revenues
  6. Content and pictures website with search traffic, low maintenance, kids niche. revenue: $1500+ per month, 2 years old, well established. Great rankings in google and bing/yahoo. Few updates needed. Price $40k , SOLD
  7. Health content site, high-quality articles by doctors and medical students with original drawings, growing traffic. Revenue: $2k per month , SOLD
  8. UK coupons website: over £30K in monthly profit
  9. Dating coaching e-business, selling own, copyrighted materials. $1K in monthly revenue. Price: $19K
  10. Well established cakes related website $100-150 in current monthly revenue, good content and rankings. Considering offers.
  11. Popular online SaaS tool over $20K in monthly profit
  12. ecommerce website with $2K per month in amazon revenues. Price $80K
  13. Amazon affiliate store with $9K in annual income new
  14. Partying related content website, making $400 per month. Price $6K SOLD
  15. New content website with high growth potential and $300 in current monthly revenue
  16. Games reviews site, 10 years old, high traffic, well-established site with long stable history, low maintenance.
    Revenue: $300 per month
  17. Established photography/entertainment website. $3K in monthly revenue, SOLD
  18. Amazon affiliate website with $5K in monthly revenues
  19. Custom coded gifs site with social features and online tools, 10K+ pageviews per month, no revenue. Revenue: none, but has large member base and unique custom coded tools
  20. Amazon affiliate store with $2K in monthly revenue new
  21. Popular new big wallpapers website $200 per day in revenue.
  22. A well established online forum, $14k annual revenue, price $60k
  23.  * Several exclusive deals available only for premium buyers

If you’d like to make an offer or buy any of these sites email me to  michael @ ‘this domain’ or skype:DomainMagnate

Some of the domains for sale are also available here

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