flippaFlippa upgrades are fairly expensive, but are usually quite useful to help your site stand out. To put it plainly – more exposure means better price and a higher chance of getting a sale.

Recently flippa have been sending out many free upgrades to encourage people to start more auctions. The way to get them is usually by just setting up an auction for your site or domain, but not starting it and just waiting a few days with the auction draft in your profile. Sometimes they send out free upgrades that you claim if you start the auction within a day or two from your draft, This is how I got free upgrades, worth $135 for my last two flippa auctions, one of them sold today:

Hi,We’ve noticed that you have started a listing in your Flippa account but it hasn’t gone live yet. Well, here’s a great reason to push it live.

For the next 48 hours only, if you start one or more 7 day auctions, we’ll give you a massive upgrade package worth $136 for FREE.

This custom upgrade package can get you 3x the views and 2x the bidsand exposure to over 8,700 extra buyers on Flippa.

Start your auction NOW ?

You get…

  • Twitter Upgrade – We tweet your listing to over 8,700 active buyers
  • Screenshot in search results – Instantly grab attention with an image of your website
  • Highlighted listing row – Stand out from the crowd and highlight your auction
  • Bold listing title – Catch the buyer’s eye with a prominent title

To upgrade, simply start your auction and email promotions@flippa.com with a link to the auction and the subject “My draft auction is now live on Flippa”

Hurry, you only have 48 hours to claim this offer.

PS: Tweets will be staggered to ensure maximum visibility for your auction.


Apparently today is also Flippa’s birthday! So there is another discount currently with getting 2 listing for the price of one for the next 3 days, so hurry up and enjoy all your free listings, more details available by Tim Cooke on flippa’s official blog:

Flippa turns five!
This month we turn 5 and welcome customer number 500,000. To celebrate, we’ve got some birthday presents for you! Stay tuned to the Flippa blog, emails and our Twitter account to find out what goodies we’ll be giving away.To kick off the birthday month, we’re giving you 2 for 1 listings!

Start an auction in the next 72 hours and we’ll throw in the second listing FREE. Once your auction is live, check the confirmation email for details on how to claim your free listing. So now is the perfect time to sell your sites, domains or apps.

Want to win an iPad?

We’ll also be giving away an iPad later this week. Stay tuned for a blog post on how to get your hands on it!


The Flippa Team

PS: Record a rendition of  ‘Happy Birthday to Flippa’ and we’ll give you a premium upgrade – just put the YouTube link on our Facebook page.


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