Due diligence Service

Close your deal with peace of mind with our professional due diligence service.

Due diligence can be the most time-consuming and uncertain part of the transaction. But our packages are designed to simplify the process for both the buyer and seller. Our proven process and insight gained from hundreds of successful transactions means we’ll help you close any deal with confidence.

How we work

We verify all financial, traffic, and usage claims and know when something “doesn’t look right”. Our team has been through the process hundreds of times, meaning they can quickly notice a discrepancy that would be missed by others.

While conducting due diligence for a content site acquisition we discovered that the seller had intentionally faked Google Analytics data.

We closely review the background, track record, and reputation of sellers, their core team, and any previous owners. We also review any contractors directly involved with ongoing operations.

Our team uncovered a track record of fraud, disputed transactions, and conduct issues with a seller which helped avoid potentially disastrous long-term consequences

Going beyond our deep SEO analysis, we also assess competition, seasonality, industry and keyword trends, external and internal threats, legal issues, and ToS compliance.

We found that a website had Amazon Associates affiliate program compliance issues that could be fixed quickly. Thanks to this discovery, the buyer was able to negotiate a discount.

We look for quick wins with CRO, SEO, monetization, and marketing opportunities. We can typically get a 20-50% increase by implementing these improvements right away.  

After implementing a new content strategy by filling content gaps, updating and adding targeting backlinks, and improving conversions, we boost the income of a content website from $2,000 to $5,000 per month in 6 months.

Due Diligence packages


$ 750
  • Live Financial Verification
  • Live Traffic Verification
  • Brand Reputation Analysis


  • Financial Verification
  • Revenue Risk Assessment
  • Traffic Verification
  • Traffic Risk Assessment
  • In-Depth SEO Review
  • In-Depth Tech Review
  • Brand Reputation Analysis
  • Seller Reputation Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Improvement Opportunities
  • Competitor Analysis
  • ToS & Compliance Audit
  • Growth Strategy Plan
  • Negotiation Guidance
  • Weekly Advisor Meetings until Close


Phase 1

This first phase is a all about data gathering and verification. We build an accurate and complete picture of the acquisition target’s financial, traffic, technical, operational, and performance data.

  • We gather data across relevant platforms like Google Analytics, social media, business dashboards, financial accounts, and contractor management systems
  • We conduct live revenue verification screen shares with the seller to cross-reference the data we’ve gathered

Phase 2

The most valuable insight in the deal-making process is not found in spreadsheets, but in communication with the seller. Here we can bring a unique advantage.

  • We learn about the seller’s motivations, track record, and background, and carefully review their core team and contractors
  • Our approach is more than just numbers and takes into account “black swan” risks and opportunities which can be crucial in negotiations

Can you do it yourself?

Due diligence is a fundamental process in any deal.

While it is possible to handle on your own, working with professionals with a proven track record helps you

  • reduce risks
  • avoid mistakes and
  • even negotiate a better deal. 

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