$173,035.90 RPM – meaning $173K for 1000 visitors, how would you like that? 😮

1 visitor and 173.04 USD , probably the highest “per click” you’ll see with any parking program. This interesting case was recently reported in dnforum by a fellow domainer.

Apperantly Domain Sponsor pay also for CPA – cost per action – which sometimes brings a healthy commission like that, usually with financial and insurance traffic. Sure beats the pennies sedo usually pays.

The highest I ever got per click was $13 in adsense. But it was only once.. also there were many $2-3 clicks.

What’s your highest per click?

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  1. Mine was $72 at Fabulous for a domain related to Alaska fishing. That was two years ago, though. 🙁

    I heard of a $279 click at Domain Sponsor on a financial domain some time back.

  2. My highest was $4.24 at sedo.

    My highest through adsense on 1 of my sites was $15.67 or $15.76 something like that,

    I’ve had many $6-$9 clicks the last few months.

    but i’ve also had lots more $0.20-0.60 also 🙂

  3. I got about $26 for a click on a financial domain – once. It was one of the first clicks on that site so I got sort of excited. Suffice to say I get 50 cents to $2 or so most of the time, but that $26 “fluke” was nice.

  4. Again 3d for the above site. I also think its got to do with the website, its PR, ranking etc. Its quite interesting to know how fishing in Alaska got so much.

  5. One of the sites we just developed got a $119 click and several $60- for the financial industry. Although I have seen other niches with extremely high costs, the extremely competitive localized financial companies of California, Washington, Florida, and New York are usually the ones that are most profitable. Good post!


  6. It’s not really one click. Your site got hit by a bot and DS merged them into one in the reporting. They’ve worked this way for years and loads of people have complained about it. Not sure why they do it that way. Ask your account manager for more info.

  7. I got 5-6 $80+ clicks in august-september 2007 on mesothelioma domains. I used to have RPM up to $7k back then, now it’s down to $500- $1,000. Who knows why…

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