Lets admit, most domainers don’t have a clue about SEO and while many know links are important for better google rankings, finding these links is no easy task. There are many guides, ebooks, online courses and all kinds of heavy stuff to help you educate yourself about search engine optimization, so I’m not going to do another one of those huge and mainly useless lists, but rather I’ll show my favorite method for getting good quality, on content links.

First a few guidelines for beginners:

So from above: you want in content links from quality, related sites, without nofollow which add up a little over time.

It’s pretty hard to get all these requirements, but most can be satisfied by article submissions and distributions.

The idea is to get some articles written, related to your site’s content and let other sites publish these articles, with a link back to your site. A number of popular sites accept these article submissions:

1. ezinearticles.com 298 6
2. ArticlesBase.com 3,225 5
3. buzzle.com 3,410 6
4. pubs.acs.org/hotartcl 6,194 7
5. searchwarp.com 7,238 4
6. articlealley.com 24,282 5
7. web-source.net 26,201 5
8. goarticles.com 26,636 6
9. amazines.com 30,262 3

It’s easy to find more lists on the web, but generally you’d only want to submit them to the top ones.

To get some unique articles written I recommend scriptlance.com – you can get them for as low as $2-5 per article. Just make sure you choose writers with perfect reviews only.

Adding your links to social bookmarking sites and web directories are another two popular methods of getting links, however due to most of them having the nofollow attribute and recent google algorithm changes these links are less valuable.

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  1. Thanks. I’m a beginner and this list is very helpful. I wrote some articles for my site and I will submit some of them.

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