Update: Domain was sold.

X2.ca For $1495 – This is not a Joke!

Post sold to claim the domain

Payment expected within 24 hours – Paypal or escrow, buy pays the fees.


More details


Top LN.ca

Renewal-Date: 2011/12/01

Date-Approved: 2000/11/19

– overture 3826

– 88 millions google results, more than any other 2 char name!

– getting 4-10 visits a day

6X.ca sold for $1,250 on Pool 2 months ago.

x2 is way better than 6x – it’s a NL, has more google results, overture and many meanings.

Over the past couple months there were several 5 figure LL.ca sales, so prices have gone up since for short .ca domains and will grow even more after the millionth .ca name is registered.

Bin $1495

– Posted on multiple forums, first to post sold gets the name by timestamp.

– payment by paypal from established members, or escrow

– buyer pays all fees.

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  1. Sold already! Congrats on the fast sale. Great deal for both buyer and seller. I think that .ca is really poised to take off this year – there have been a whole series of great sales this year.

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