Sold for 305k Euros on sedo, $480 USD in one the largest sales this year.

In other sales, yestarday’s 20K euro sale of was one of the highest for a Canadian domain. is a huge site with alexa 123, so they are most likely the buyers. More .ca sales:

Afternic: $1,000 $500 $650 – $190.50 is currently auctioned at sedo with $2,550 high bid

Few top .me auctions are ending soon: 111 20H 23M $23,605 103 20H 46M $6,580 53 23H 55M $5,555 31 7H 29M $3,773 62 20H 28M $3,580 64 23H 4M $3,105 34 20H 34M $2,610 40 23H 4M $2,505

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