flag-india.jpgHere is some interesting information about the .in domaining space. .in domains became available for registration only in 2005 (there was .co.in before that, which is less popular now) and all the top names are taken by several individuals/organizations.

There are currently around 400k-500K .in domains registered. For comparison .asia which just started recently has a similar number of registrations and is perceived by many domainers as “quite useless” and .ca domains have just crossed 1 Million registrations.

Indian economy is growing fast and many companies are eager to establish their online presence. Only about 6% of Indian population have internet access and the potential for growth here is enormous. While the prices are still quite low it provides an excellent investment opportunity.

.in domains can be registered by anyone, no Indian presence required (in contrary to for example .ca domains, which are only for Canadian residents).

Cybersquatters beware .in registry imposes very strict rules to protect trademark owners. Offenders may face very high legal charges and fees.

The highest reported sale for .in domain so far was poker.in for $60K (check other high sales here), which to a western person makes perfect sense, but in fact poker is not popular at all in India so the may actually be much harder to monetize than it seems. As usually there are many high value unreported .in sales and the end user interest is quite high in these.

There are no 1-2 character .in domains, but the LLL.in and NNN.in are quite popular and are traded a lot. Premium LLL.in domains reach around $60-100 minimum prices and in my opinion they represent one of the best investment opportunities now. We’ve seen in .com, net, .org and even in .ca domains how 3 letter domains grow in price on the reseller market and have very good end user potential due to many possible acronyms. Indian domaining space is expected to grow significantly over the years and the value of these names should skyrocket!

Some historical registrations figures, available from INregistry

  • Feb 17, 2005 – 24,000 domain names registered on first day
  • Feb 21, 2005 – 75,000
  • April 05, 2005 – 100,000
  • Nov 7, 2006 – 200,000

Generic and GEO .in domains are almost impossible to get now as most are owned by several entities below.

These are only part of the top .in domain owners, many others have domains and portfolios of significant value, also .co.in domains which don’t have high resale value, but are quite attractive to end users.

For more info check out the Indian Domains Forum over at idj.in

Disclaimer: all the lists were taken from public sources and thus don't violate anyone's privacy.

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  1. Nice research. I also own few .in and related domains. IMO, India related domains will be big hit in near future.

    Thank you for posting this valuable information. 🙂

  2. Do so many people in India speak English and do those names have any type-in traffic? What about Hindi domain names?


  3. Excellent post Michael, even I didn’t have all this information and I thought I was clued into the local market. I have a few myself and am amazed the entire namespace is only at 500k names.

    An unbelievable opportunity is here, most people are too blinkered to see it.

    And I really feel for those investing in some johnny come lately TLDs which don’t really have any local significance to anyone but the people promoting them.

  4. What about the .co.in holders? The .co.in names get more traffic than .in names in most cases.

  5. Great info you have posted.

    I am sure that I will find more ONE word .in domain names (I will buy more of them in the next 3 days).

    I do agree with you that owning a great One Word .in domain name is a GOLDMINE.

    Thanks for the INFO

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