Up until today I never heard of any .co.za domain sales. Dnjournal had 3 high value sales for the South African tld in the recent report:

Property.co.za     $56,000     Pvt Sale

AutoInsurance.co.za     $36,500     Pvt Sale

Life.co.za     $14,536     Pvt Sale

These are private sales most likely to end users, so they (like most high value domain sales on dnjournal)  shouldn’t reflect the market value of these domains, however surprisingly these aren’t even the highest value .co.za sales, here is how a list of all reported top .co.za sales would look like (excluding some older and lower value sales to have only data for the last 12 months):

Domain    Sold Date    Price    Source

Fly.co.za    2/10/2010    65,000    Latonas.com

Property.co.za    9/9/2010    56,000    Private

Porn.co.za    11/17/2009    45,000    RickLatona.com

AutoInsurance.co.za    9/8/2010    36,500    Private

Furniture.co.za    3/3/2010    33,000    Sedo

Toys.co.za    1/21/2010    20,000    Sedo

Domains.co.za    4/20/2010    15,000    Sedo

Life.co.za    9/8/2010    14,536    Private

Slots.co.za    5/13/2010    10,000    Private

S.co.za    6/2/2010    8,500    Sedo

Shirts.co.za    3/9/2010    8,000    Sedo

bet.co.za    8/12/2010    5,480    Sedo

domainnames.co.za    8/25/2010    5,169    Sedo

fly.co.za    11/17/2009    5,000    Sedo

Mortgage.co.za    5/25/2010    4,920    RickLatona.com

super.co.za    12/25/2009    3,500    Sedo

indemnity.co.za    12/1/2009    2,505    Sedo

mattresses.co.za    2/18/2010    2,301    Sedo

studies.co.za    8/19/2010    2,200    Sedo

institute.co.za    8/19/2010    2,000    Sedo

bikini.co.za    1/20/2010    2,000    Sedo

bed.co.za    2/11/2010    1,900    Sedo

decorating.co.za    3/9/2010    1,800    Sedo

airconditioners.co.za    6/28/2010    1,250    Sedo

okb.co.za    5/25/2010    1,100    Sedo

ouch.co.za    6/2/2010    1,050    Sedo

diplomas.co.za    8/17/2010    1,000    Sedo

financecareers.co.za    6/16/2010    1,000    Sedo

tnt.co.za    4/20/2010    1,000    Sedo

pensions.co.za    10/20/2009    1,000    Sedo

chiropractors.co.za    8/17/2010    933    Sedo

iha.co.za    8/15/2010    892    Sedo

skouspel.co.za    12/24/2009    425    Sedo

bbw.co.za    1/20/2010    400    Sedo

First thing that comes to mind: Nice Flip on Fly.co.za – $5k -> $65k in 3 months, well done Rick!

There are no restrictions on .co.za domains and everyone can register them at different registrars. Prices can vary, for example at EuroDNS the price is 18 euro, while at Godaddy it’s $59.49.

While writing this post I researched some of the .co.za domains available for sale and there are very few. There could be bargains out there, but it’s hard to estimate the actual market value to know what a bargain is in this group.  At first I wanted to check the opportunity of purchasing some nice .za generics to build a site, rank it and monetize with affiliate offers, however the only decent affiliate program I could find in .za are for loan leads. According to Google the local traffic is pretty low for most of these terms so it’s probably not even worth the effort. But I think a premium .za generic can present a nice long term investment to diversify any domainer’s portfolio  and the South African namespace matures these names should gain more value and the end user interest will rise.

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  1. There are plenty of South Africa affiliate programs including insurance, loans, travel, mobile, ringtones etc… Basically the most commercialized categories plus more… check out http://www.offerforge.co.za or offerforge.com within the South Africa section for more details.

  2. The Pricing of .CO.ZA is blown out of proportion by the local MIDDLE-MEN, which you are calling Registrars.

    The price for a .CO.ZA is R50 Per Annum bought directly from the Registry operator, which amounts to around $6.50. Which means that the initial registration investment is lower than almost any other ccTLD on the market today (obviously taking into account that you know the process of registration, which is actually very easy).

    With only around 600 000 .CO.ZA domain names registered this means that there is unparalleled opportunity for a REAL domain investor to diversify their portfolio

  3. Sad, I am originally from SA, most of those pages are parked or coming soon, seems a waste considering those prices paid!

  4. @Gavin I looked at that site, but there is not much you can see without registering, which is time consuming. Are the payouts comparable to those on the US traffic for similar offers? What are the highest paying offers?

    @Dean Cannell, sounds like you have the inside scoop on this, how can domainers register .co.za directly for $6.5 or if not what’s the cheapest registrar?

    @James, agreed, it is a shame to see people paid that much and didn’t bother to build a site, or maybe just haven’t yet. Some of these are developed into useful sites though, like fly.co.za – they have a good plan.

  5. Michael,

    The affiliate situation is not as easily accessible as say the US or the UK but it is getting there quickly. There are also opportunities to go direct instead of through someone like offerforge. Zanox and a few others also offer SA affiliate programs.

    For Travel I would recommend TravelStart: They provide a great iframe as seen on Fly.co.za and the payouts are great. They are for sure comparable to payouts in the US usually slightly less however. You can do flight bookings, car rental and hotel through them.

    For Insurance: There are a variety depending on what you are looking to do specifically but the payouts are very good usually based on lead generation.

    Ringtones/mobile – I just found a provider who is paying $6.00 per sale on ringtones.co.za now vs $2.00 with another affiliate.

    The general consensus is that there are many affiliate models out there that are maturing quickly and the payouts are good. I have realized first hand. Sure there may be some ground work in making direct contacts with the affiliates but I live in Boston and manage to do it, not ever having traveled to SA. With that said, there is huge opportunity now, before everything is easy to do.

    I am in agreement with Dean on this, as you can register directly with the registry it is a very simple email based system. Check out http://www.co.za and read up on instructions on how to register etc.

    I have many co.za domains parked but only because I am working on launching developments on them. I developed Fly.co.za, AutoInsurance.co.za, Ringtones.co.za and a variety of others. The key here is that with good domain names and proper SEO you can rank really well within Google.co.za as the competition is much less than other markets. My most recent development is Life.co.za.

    In closing: The real play here is on the growth of the internet in South Africa and broadband access. You can buy a .com name for x amount of dollars but the growth rate of new users coming onto the internet is lower relatively speaking then buying a good co.za domain name and new internet users coming into the broadband picture. The growth rates are high and the holding costs are very low. I have seen type in traffic and epc double each year for the past 3 years with a good sample size of domains.


  6. Michael,

    To add, each development that I have done in co.za has acheived / cleared $1000/month in profit (not gross) to give you an idea of payouts. Sometimes more but the payouts and volume is there to make good money.


  7. @Gavin thanks for info, I’ll definitely watch out for some good .co.za generics that can be used for affiliate sites.

    @Lebo good luck selling those, you’re probably better off posting them on DNF or NP for sale, than here. But someone searching to buy .za domains could definitely find this post and contact you about these 🙂

  8. -Michael, no inside scoop, but the downside of an underdeveloped extension is the extortion factor imposed on end-users by the so called “registrars”.

    We are working hard to assist in the development of the South African internet economy. So our goal is the flush out the extortion and exhibit the true value that South African ccTLD .co.za has to offer at minus the ridiculous registration fees that are being charged by the profiteers in the middle.

    As mentioned by Gavin; with the introduction of the SEACOM & EASSY cables bandwidth speeds have increased and cost of connectivity has decreased dramatically. It’s only a matter of time before the domaining industry in south africa realises its value – and both domainers & investors who have taken advantage will be be singing to the tune of fortune.

  9. The penetration of the internet into SA society is growing at around 10% per annum and with a population of over 50million, current internet users of over 5million, very strong growth in broadband penetration and prices coming down, this bodes very well for co.za investors.

    These sales are doing wonders for the co.za market. I have a fair number of co.za domains and receive many more enquiries than I did 2 years ago. Although I have not experienced a sale in the $xx,xxx range yet I continue to develop for both adsense and affiliate programs with great success.

    One private program brings in an average of $4000/month with an adspend of $600. There are still many domain and development opportunities out there and every portfolio should include a few premium co.za domains.

    I have never seen the registrar prices indicated above but if this is the case, it is no wonder the growth has been a bit slower than we would have liked, so now that you have the inside scoop on registering directly with the co.za registrar at $6.50, go get a few.

  10. The market is definitely not as developed as UK, US or Europe but this should be seen as a good thing as its possible to get in now with good names or you will even be able to buy some good value domains from people who dont want an arm and a leg as they already do overseas

  11. Hi guys, i got an interesting query.

    lets say I manage to pick up a domain lets say singles.co.za and optimize the site for that keyterm

    Would i get more preference to sell the domain in that country eg south africa?

    last one – would the amount of traffic to the site also influence the sale price.

    so – the sale would include domain name plus website

    I think i have a cracking domain name on the way. I will let you know if/when I get it (holding thumbs)


  12. Interesting article on co.za domains. Note that SpecialOffer.co.za is being advertised for a mere $35K at http://www.specialoffer.co.za . Interesting thing about the offer is it comes with all variation: special-offer, specialoffers, special-offers, thereby monopolizing the entire domain for $35K.

  13. I’ve just recently joined the .co.za party, a bit of a late comer but i’ve found some really nice generics and i’m starting a large development program, after my research i’ve found that it’s a really good idea if developing in the SA webspace is to ensure your websites are developed to ensure they resolve well on pc’s, laptops, tablets and most of all mobiles!

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