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LLL.ca Sales Boost in July

Some LLL.ca were auctioned in myid, pool and sibername in July 2008, here are some of the results as posted on dnforum:

tus.ca – $297

xcc.ca – $121

smb.ca – $655

otk.ca – $259

tbb.ca – $615

tlx.ca – $101

bjp.ca – $250

ewq.ca – $101

ghj.ca – $101

glq.qc.ca – $2250

hjk.ca – $101

lkj.ca – $100

zgs.ca $240

jph.ca $300

vvm.ca $152

Prices have been raising quickly during the last months. The better ones seem to get good prices in $200-300 and all premium letters fetch $600+. The recent sale of gmx.ca for over $30K must have helped too.

I still have a few LLL.ca’s at bargain prices here – these are going quick, so hurry up!

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