ICQ.ca in now at auction in Pool.com with current high offer $2302 and over 3 days to go.

Now obviously this LLL.ca domain is only that valuable due to the popular IM program with the same name. So it’s very likely that icq.ca has some very good type in traffic that can let the owner make the money back in just a few months.

But the problem is ICQ is a trademark, which now belongs to AOL. Even if the domain icq.ca will be used for something unrelated to the icq brand AOL can claim it and most likely receive the domain.

By parking the domain the owner also risks a possible lawsuit demanding compensation for cybersquatting.

This is the usual dilemma with similar domains. You risk, but if you’re lucky enough you might be able to collect the parking revenue for long enough time to earn something and then even resell the domain for more before it’s claimed by the TM owner. For many domainers such troublesome domains are the main source of income and for obvious reasons this refers to a more shady side of domaining..

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