myiddotcalogo.gifThe recent dnjournal report featured many high value .ca domains sales from myid auctions. $54,977 $26,242 $17,999 $15,663 $11,410 $9,959 $4,149 $3,112 $2,624 $2,438 $1,817 $1,816 $1,559 $1,556 $1,574 $1,194 $1,037 $1,032

Canadian domains are hot now and there is still a lot of potential to buy both premium generics, like and etc, as well as more targeted and well fit for development domains like and The gap between projected earnings on a developed site like that and the price for domains is still rather high.

Myid is currently the only marketplace dedicated to selling .ca domains and now when we’ve seen the potential, I’m sure others will join and focus on Canadian domains. Sibername used to have similar auctions, but they weren’t very popular and they stopped them, however we managed to sell 7 domains in the last one at $180 each.

Myid currently employs a rather sophisticated authentication process, which a good way to prevent non paying bidders like in sedo, but also a pain for domainers due to having to send them a large amount of documents for confirmation.

To list your domains on any of the DOT CA Auctions, the following must

be completed:

* Complete the authentication process (one time only).

o Documents needed: Government issued photo ID and credit card, both

should be in your name as reflected on your account.

o Preparing the documents:

+ Put a piece of tape over a blank part of a credit card (in your

name) front and write on it ‘For use only’.

+ With your digital camera or scanner, create digital pictures of of

your ID and both sides of the credit card.

N.B.If you do not have a scanner or digital camera, take a high

resolution photocopy of these and make sure that all is legible so

that we can read the info when we receive the documents by fax. We

will not authenticate anyone to the auction unless every single

document we receive is legible. On all faxed documents, include your username.

o Sending the documents:

+ Email the digital images as follows:

Front of credit card —————> (include your username)

Back of credit card ————–> (include your username)

Photo ID ————–> (include your username)

+ If you do not have a scanner or digital camera, fax the legible

photocopies to (866) 224-4095. Again note that We have received many

illegible documents in the past that had to be resent. We will not

authenticate anyone to the auction unless every single document we

receive is legible.

* Seller Agreement (Must be completed for every auction as it is

dependent on domains submitted) :

Once the domains you have submitted have been approved to be listed in

the domain auction, you will see a link to download the seller

agreement. Download it, fill in the required info, date it, sign it,

then either scan and email it to or fax it to (866)

224-4095. Make sure you include your username either way. The

deadline to return the agreement will be noted on it and it must be

received before that deadline.

It is not possible to have any domains listed in any DOT CA Auctions

without having the completed and signed agreement returned in time.

Note that if you are currently listing any of your domains in the

auction, and are interested in bidding on any of the other domains

listed, then you must send us the signed bidder agreement as well.

More info here.

* Verify that your info is correct:

We must have correct contact info in your account profile including

the spelling of your name and your phone number. We will verify that

the info is correct and only those with correct info will be able to


There are mixed comments about that on DNF, however once the conditions are softened more people should join.

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