Some great domains are up for grabs at myid .ca auctions. Also a few more high sales from previous auction.,,,,,,, and are some of the domains Offered.

More than 105 high quality dot ca (.ca) domains are being auctioned at including fabulous rare and previously unavailable gems that were registered as far back as 8 years ago in 2000.

Some premium domains on this auction list include (Ultimate web destination for gambling and gaming), (Unbeatable high profile two letter corporate domain), (Ideal for online education) and the creme-de-la-creme of financial domains,

In addition, there are four ultimate industry-defining domains that are must have for ISPs serious about their business:,, and

This comes on the heel of an extremely successful landmark first dot ca auction event that ended on May 29 and enjoyed high winning bids including ($53,000), ($25,299), ($17,352), ($15,100), ($10,999) and many others. has partnered with many large domain portfolio owners and is regularly holding online auctions for .ca domains. It is committed to offer more than 1000 exclusive and previously unavailable high quality .ca names over the next few months offering a great opportunity to acquire these fabulous domains for the lowest price possible.

Domain names, recognized as Real Estate of the Internet, are very solid investments with an average resale value increasing significantly year after year. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the near future with increasing demand. This is particularly true of very appealing keyword-rich generics geared towards services and products.

The current DOT CA auction will end on Thursday June 12, 2008 at 1 pm EDT. Those interested in bidding on any of the auctioned domains must complete the authentication process by 10 am that day.

The DOT CA domain name auction website can be accessed here:

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