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Business Acquisition Consulting

This consultation is intended for first time or beginner buyers, who are looking for some guidance, advice or assistance with due diligence before acquiring an online business, or a more general advice on deals.

Consulting Topics

The consultation may cover the following topics, based on what you need the most help with:

  • Getting started: first steps before acquiring an Online Business
  • Defining your target acquisition and putting together a plan on how to find it
  • Due Diligence: learning and applying the DM’s incremental due diligence approach
  • Negotiating and transaction: understanding the process and common pitfalls
  • Advice on a specific deal before acquisition
  • Advice on how to prepare for sale and sell a business for maximum profit
  • Consultation on how to grow your online business, the 80-20 of where to focus your efforts
  • Financing: understanding different financing options and deal structures
  • Investing in online businesses: understanding different options for more passive investments in funds, group buys, and direct deals, how to assess and mitigate risks

Topics Where We Can’t Help

for the following topics, we can’t provide assistance, but can sometimes share from our experience or refer to the right people for the professional advice.

  • Accounting and taxes
  • Legal help
  • SBA loans
  • FBA businesses

Before Your Consultation Call:

  • Prepare 1-3 main challenges or questions you’d like to discuss.
  • If you have a specific business or website you’re planning to acquire and want to consult about, prepare:
    • the financials and traffic data to share on the call
    • a description of how the business operates, and current processes and team in place
    • specific questions or concerns you have about the deal
  • If this is your first time acquiring a business, consider
    • what budget range will best suit your first acquisition
    • what type of business would fit best with your skills, spare time and resources
    • what are the main challenges you anticipate

Book a 30 min consultation with Michael Bereslavsky via paypal below:

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