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Concierge Buying Service

After completing hundreds of deals in the past 15+ years, we understand deals and know what it takes to find a great deal! At Domain Magnate we focus a lot of our efforts on finding, negotiating and closing the best private deals we can find.

In addition to our full management services to individual investors and via our funds, we also offer concierge buying service to companies and high net-worth individuals, looking to find and acquire businesses in 7-8 figures, based on a narrow set of criteria.

This service is designed for clients with specific acquisition targets, based on industry, type of business, revenues, assets, technology and other requirements, with minimum budget of $500K . If the niche fits our general search parameters and offerings we may also reduce the minimum requirement.

Upon engagement we conduct a wide range survey to review all current public and private for sale listings for businesses that fit the criteria and also carry out a targeted outreach strategy through multiple channels. We then review, present our findings, and conduct further due diligence and negotiate to close the deal.

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