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Concierge Buying Service

After completing hundreds of deals in the past 15+ years, we understand deals and know what it takes to find a great deal! At Domain Magnate we focus a lot of our efforts on finding, negotiating and closing the best private deals we can find.

In addition to our full management services to individual investors and via our funds, we also offer concierge buying service to companies and high net-worth individuals, looking to find and acquire businesses in 7-8 figures, based on a narrow set of criteria.

This service is designed for clients with specific acquisition targets, based on industry, type of business, revenues, assets, technology and other requirements, with minimum budget of $500K.

Upon engagement we conduct a wide range survey to review all current public and private for sale listings for businesses that fit the criteria and also carry out a targeted outreach strategy through multiple channels. We then review, present our findings, and conduct further due diligence and negotiate to close the deal.

Our Advantages

Over the past decade and a half in business we’ve accumulated multiple advantages in the industry, which allow us to find more and better deals, both public and private.

  • We are familiar and have worked with all the major online business marketplaces, brokerage firms and many smaller and individual brokers, which allows us to search for deals easier and encompass and wider range of opportunities.
  • We have established relationships in the industry with key players in the space, we’ve also had many of them on our podcast, including Empire Flippers, Flippa, Quiet Light Brokerage, Dealflow Brokerage and many others, which allows us easier access and occasional privileges.
  • We’ve done hundreds of deals and analyzed thousands of online businesses, so we have unparalleled experience in the industry, to help find the best deal for you.

The Service

The concierge buying service includes several steps:

  1. First upon contact we’ll ask for some details and expectations to determine whether this is a good match, such as:
    • budget range
    • industry, business type, traffic/revenue and other criteria
    • timeframe for acquisition
    • source of funding
    • profit multiple expectation
    • experience with acquiring similar deals prior
  2. Upon confirming that your criteria fits with our framework and service parameters, we’ll offer you a custom quote based on the specifics. The cost will usually include an initial engagement and search fee, which paid upon commencement, and a Deal fee, which is paid upon successful acquiring a desired business.
  3. Our concierge service will typically last for a period of 3-12 months and include the following items:
    • periodically checking all the major online business marketplaces, and brokerages, and send the client sites that fit the criteria, along with our initial analysis.
    • reaching out to our contacts among brokers and within our network to spread the word about the specific search parameters, so we can receive fitting leads directly and then present to the client.
    • reaching out directly to potential acquisition targets to inquire about acquisition and negotiate details
    • running targeted outreach campaigns, through multiple channels, targeting businesses that fit the criteria.
    • providing detailed updates
  4. Once you’ve selected a deal you like, we’ll engage further to do our full due diligence, confirm all the details and negotiate price and deal structure with the seller. Then we set up the purchase agreement and proceed to a transaction via, or another 3rd party escrow service. We’ll also help with migration and transfers.
  5. Upon completion of deal we also advice on future growth strategy, and follow up periodically to coordinate about any questions or challenges with previous owner.

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