Concierge Buying Service

Are you looking for expert help in finding and
executing the best off-market deals?

In addition to our full management services for individual investors and via our funds, we also offer concierge buying services. Here we help buyers to manage their deal flow, identify off-market hidden gems, as well as navigate transactions from start to finish.

Why work with Domain Magnate?

At Domain Magnate we have the skills and expertise to help you smoothly negotiate and close unbeatable public and private deals. Over the past decade and a half we’ve accumulated multiple industry advantages to help us consistently uncover new opportunities:

Tap into our business network

we have worked with all the major online business marketplaces, brokerage firms, and many smaller and individual brokers allowing us to find more, better and wider-ranging opportunities

We have industry connections

We have established relationships within the space providing improved access and industry privileges – we have hosted many key players on our podcast including Empire Flippers, Flippa, Quiet Light Brokerage, Dealflow Brokerage, and many others

We’ve done hundreds of deals

As well as a long history of completed deals we’ve analyzed thousands of online businesses giving us unparalleled understanding and experience of finding the best one for you

How does it work?

Initial contact

we first define whether our service is a good match for you based on budget, acquisition goals, timeframe and other key criteria

Get a quote

If it’s a fit we’ll offer you a custom quote

Tailored search

We will use our network, contacts and expertise to source well-matched deals for you which typically takes between 3 and 12 months

Do the deal

Once you’ve found the right deal, we’ll help with all processes from performing due diligence, negotiating price and deal structure, to migrations

Final steps

Upon completion of the deal we’ll advise on future growth strategy, and follow up periodically to facilitate and resolve any challenges

Who is this service for?

This service is designed for select companies and high-net-worth individuals with specific acquisition targets and criteria. Typically we work with:

Parties looking to acquire 7-8 figure assets

Parties with a minimum budget of 500k

Long term strategic equity partnerships

Want to learn more?

Get in contact here and have a chat with one of our team