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Happy Holidays and more..

Happy holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Hag Hanukkah Sameah 🙂 May the next 2009 year be happier, more profitable and more adventurous for you! I’m doing my “holiday shopping” and looking to purchase a few good generic domains by the end of the year. If you got some for sale that fit… Read more »

DomainMagnate.com on Facebook

DomainMagnate.com is now on facebook If you are using facebook and like this blog – feel free to add the page to your favorites  🙂 This is one of my little experiments to try to utilize facebook’s massive traffic. Social networking/bookmarking is next generation of SEO..

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day everyone! If anyone needs me I’ll be on vacation in Madrid and Prague this week, till June, 21. Meanwhile check out my new auction at BQB.com I’ve decided to try it out with a $1 no reserve auction for 13 good LLLL.com’s 

On Vacation

Hey all, I’m going on vacation till Saturday – 24.05, so if anyone needs me urgently.. well you’ll just have to wait. 🙂

Going on Vacation

I’m finally going on a short, but well deserved vacation for 3 days. Back on Feb 27. So any unfinished sales, or other business will be resumed when I’m back

New Theme Tested.. and Failed

Edited: Some people complained that they didn’t like my blog theme so I tried a few other themes. But then I quickly realized they are all crap and I got to miss the previous one. I love gold (big surprise there eh ;)) and it is awesome, so get used to it! At least until… Read more »

Domain Magnate 1 Week Anniversary, Stats and Plans

Yeah time passes by quickly. Would you believe it’s been a whole week since DomainMagnate.com was launched? 😀 After one week the blog is averaging over 300 unique visitors per day and growing rapidly. I have big plans for this blog. Many cool things will come out soon. Unlike many others I’ve been late to… Read more »

Welcome to DomainMagnate

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I’m Michael and I’m known among domainers as DomainMagnate, which is my username on most domain forums: DNforum, NamePros, DigitalPoint, DomainState and a few other forums I have a large domain portfolio, including LLLL.com domains: some are listed at 4 letter domains , geo domains and a… Read more »

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