Latest Google Updates or on Pandas and Penguins

The very latest series of major Google algo update Panda 4.0 rolled out a few weeks ago and they are following the same strict line as before on devaluing and penalizing low quality links and popular methods of link building and serp manipulations. Specifically as guest posts became the most popular and an inexpensive method in […]

Google Keywords Legacy Tool R.I.P.

As many domainers have noticed in the past few days the old google keywords tool is gone for good and instead there is only the new one. This is actually bad news for most domain sellers as the old tool used to show much higher search counts “allowing” them to show higher counts and ask […]

My SEO Workshop Details

Here are further details as promised for attendants of my SEO workshop today at Gvahim, TelAviv. These are the links to online tools mentioned in the presentation. Keyword research tools: G keyword tool, G insights, WordTracker; G analytics Advanced keyword research:,, Backlink Checker tools:, More Link Tools:,, Alexa Bonus Site tools* (weren’t included in the workshop):, SEO Browser extensions […]

Test Results are IN – No More Xrumer!

Over the last year or so I’ve been experimenting with xrumer, scrapebox and various other greyish (I don’t know if anything can be called black any more these days..) seo methods. While there was quite a bit of positive effect at first, I’m now fairly convinced that these massive amounts of low quality links can […]

Yahoo Site Explorer Update Today

Something changed in Yahoo Site Explorer today. I’ve checked many of my domains and all show lower link counts, about 2-3 times less links than before. For example this site is now down to 2118 backlinks, from over 6k before.  There is no way this could just happen on its own, so there must have […]

1 Million Links in a Day – My SEO Experiment

This is an update on my seo experiment that I started last month. I posted about it earlier on NB, so here is how it started: I did a very interesting experiment last month. I purchased a link spot at a large private network of sites, which has millions of pages and sites indexed. It […]

Directory Submissions Still Work!

Submitting your site to free directories is one of the easiest and cheapest (considering time and money if you outsource it) ways to get backlinks for your sites. These backlinks are good because you can choose your best suitable anchors, add some related text and keywords and have your site submitted to the correct subcategory […]

Best Rank Tracking Software I Tried

Over the last couple weeks I’ve searching and testing various tools and software that help check and track ranks in Google mostly, but also in Yahoo and Bing. Anyone who does any SEO at all knows how important it is to check your serps from time to time to be able to see the results […]

The Future of SEO as I See It

This post is a result of my 4.5 years of experience focusing on SEO as the main source to drive traffic to my online businesses and the more recent discussions, readings and deliberations on the matter. It’s said that the best way to predict the future is to look into the past. The history of […]

New Quality Webmaster Forum – NetBuilders

There are quite a few webmaster forums around now, but none really good to provide the members with quality content, active marketplace and large and friendly userbase. With the recent degradation of DigitalPoint and several other big forums in the industry there is a demand for quality forum centered around webmaster issues. Now there is […]