Adsense Published New Success Stories

Google recently added new case studies or “success stories” as they call them. These are mostly established sites that use adsense as either the main or the secondary source of revenue. They all look good, have nice and neat designs and lots of unique high quality content. Some are major news, entertainment  or informational portal, […] Sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? a domain registered only on Sept 24, 2010  – less than a week ago,  was reported sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? There are discussions on this on DNF and NP. The domain is merely a week old. was sold for $500K as observed on the recent dnjournal weekly sales report, so […]

WHY Why Push It To Auction?

If you take a look at sedo auctions at any given time most of the auction listings only have one bid and the vast majority of them also end up with one single bid – the end user who made a bid and the seller decided to push it to auction. When you push a […] $12K @ Sedo recently sold for $12k on sedo. I could see the .com going for that amount, but .info?! Congrats to the seller! Other tops sales were for $220,000, $38,750 Prices Collapse?

First time I’m seeing guide lowering prices and not just lowering, but by over 20% in a month! 3-Letter .com – $6000 (- $1650 since July 1, 2008 report) 3 letter .net lost 3.6% according to the guide. What’s gonna happen next with the Well no one knows for sure. From a discussion […] Sold for 305k Euros Sold for 305k Euros on sedo, $480 USD in one the largest sales this year. In other sales, yestarday’s 20K euro sale of was one of the highest for a Canadian domain. is a huge site with alexa 123, so they are most likely the buyers. More .ca sales: Afternic: $1,000 […]

Recent Big Sales

A few top sales recently: Sells for $120,000 by Sedo in one of the top .org sales so far. – $26,300 On NameJet. Namejet is becoming the new snapnames! Generic .com names fetch top prices at NJ. $10,363 for $45K on Sedo Sold for $21500 appears listed in sedo recent sales for $21500. Reminds about the story with, which was previously reported to have been sold for a hefty amount, but the sale didn’t go through. Either way it’s a pretty decent amount for a .tv domain. There were also some nice hyphenated sales: $788 $840 […]

TRAFFIC will have 5 Auction Providers

Nice to see the industry leaders working together, TRAFFIC in NY will have domains from all the major players: Moniker / DomainTools Rick Latona Sedo