Skrill / MoneyBookers Goes Bust – Get Your Money Out if You Still Can!

Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers, is going bust according to latest reports. Over the past several months they’ve started randomly freezing, suspending and closing accounts, as well as applying random credit card charges. Multiple cases were reported. Their support is almost non existent, getting a reply is very rare. Recently I also had my account […]

A New Site Selling Scam Scheme Uncovered

Lately I’ve noticed several interesting site sales on DP and all had the same in common: – sellers were very eager to sell their sites quick and asked for quick offers – sellers provided only partial and outdated stats data – all looked like very good deals Many of the deals were quite enticing and […]

Caught a Couple Scammers on DP

I started a thread yesterday on the DigitalPoint forums asking for 3 character domains to buy and 2 members already tried to scam me. Surprisingly the way they try to do it is extremely simple – they try to sell you a domain they don’t really own and accept payment through Western Union, Bank Wire, […]

Another Appraisal Scam

Got another one of those appraisal scam emails today. Luckily they land in spam folder now: Peter Miller Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 6:31 AM To: domainadmin Dear sir, we are interested to buy your domain name AARR.COM and offer to buy it from you for 65% of the appraised market value. As of now […]

788 Domains Stolen, Including

Update: was recovered with the help of godaddy More stolen names might soon pop up for sale, so be warned! Also a quick reminder: don’t use gmail, or other free email addresses as whois addresses for your domains. They can be hacked! More details are from a namepros thread: Some of them are: […]

New Type Of Spam: Partnership Proposal

I’ve been getting these emails by the dozens lately. A new spam/scam type is out: partnership proposal emails. I’m still not sure what they want as they never seem to answer when you reply back, but here are some of the emails: Hello, I just came across your website – and I want to […]

More Stolen Domains

Another scammer popped up in dnforum and tried to sell a few 3 and 4 letter domains: It’s was xandomains, Yang Xin from Shanghai, who is now banned on dnf. Among the stolen names are: LNTH.COM LTGP.COM TDBF.COM 0L9.COM ENCD.COM KFAL.COM FYUP.COM UNWB.COM More info here and here 

New Vawe of Fake ICANN Emails

New Vawe of Fake ICANN Emails is out trying to get your logins and password to steal domains, so be warned. A few reports were posted on DNF. Update: site is down now. To:    [email][/email] Subject:    ICANN – Domain Upgrade Notice Date:    Tue, 24 Jun 2008 06:22:08 +0200 From:    “ICANN” <> Dear Domain Account […]

Possible New Scam – Phone Number

I got like 5 messages for my various sites asking for phone number with interest to purchase the website. However the emails looked unprofessional so it’s quite clear this is not a real inquiry. Update: I got many reports from others who received same messages and I could only speculate but they never reply, so […]