How to Make a Good Living as a Freelance Writer

This post is written specifically for freelance writers and people making their living by selling their services online, and it’s something I’ve been meaning for publish for several years now. It includes my observations and recommendations on how to advance in the field. Let me start with a disclaimer: I’m not a freelancer and have […]

9 Tips for Freelance Writers

9 Tips for Freelance Writers I’ve worked with at least a few hundred freelance writers over the past few years, so I wanted to share some tips from the webmaster point of view on how to get more business and more clients for freelancers.  These are based solely on my own experiences. Always use Proper […]

Domain Newsletters Are Only Good For Those Who Run Them

I subscribe to all major domain newsletters, have been receiving them for a few years now. I even have a special folder in my email account for that and set up filters to skip the inbox and send them all there, so I can store them and review later. And lately, I’ve been doing just […]

Test Results are IN – No More Xrumer!

Over the last year or so I’ve been experimenting with xrumer, scrapebox and various other greyish (I don’t know if anything can be called black any more these days..) seo methods. While there was quite a bit of positive effect at first, I’m now fairly convinced that these massive amounts of low quality links can […]

Good Luck to Bido

I’m glad to see Bido is back up and running and would like to wish them good luck! I had some good sales there and think it’s great to see another marketplace trying to take on sedo for real. However, they really need to do something to increase the quality of domains there and attract […]

My Domaining Strategy Advice

People who are new to domaining ask me from time to time how can they get started, how to make money, how to flip, what to buy etc. It’s not a question one can give a precise answer on, but my suggestion is this: buy for quick flipping when the market is high and buy […]

Adsense Published New Success Stories

Google recently added new case studies or “success stories” as they call them. These are mostly established sites that use adsense as either the main or the secondary source of revenue. They all look good, have nice and neat designs and lots of unique high quality content. Some are major news, entertainment  or informational portal, […]

My First Domain Purchase Was a Complete Failure

I blogged about some of my successful site and domain purchases and sales before, but this time I’m going to tell you about a rather different story. As is known failures are a part of any business and if you don’t fail you simply don’t try hard enough. However I try to see failures as […]

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers. Seriously, why would you call your domains premium if you’re selling them for $20 each? How can you call JNVY.COM a premium and moreover a quad premium one? The truth is it’s really one of those useless words to insert in sales threads. Calling […]

Someone Snatched My Email!

I was trying to register DomainMagnate ‘at’ today and found out it’s already registered and belongs to someone else. No one else that I know of uses that username, so the only reason they might have to grab it is probably to try to sell it to me?! I’m just hoping they are not […]