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DM Industry News 9th December: Website Generating $30k Yearly Revenue

Domain Magnate Update We have several websites for sale today, as we are reducing our portfolio before the end of the year. All sales are done via or wire transfer and include a sales agreement, transfer assistance and after-sale support. Reply below if you’re interested to buy one of them. Bulk offers may be… Read more »

DM Industry News 11th November: Dropshipping to hit $100B by 2026

Domain Magnate Update We’re offering a limited amount of private Business Buying consultations at a discounted rate this month. See more details here. This is intended primarily for first-time business buyers who are seeking advice on their first acquisition, or an expert opinion on a specific deal. People often underestimate the complexity of operating an online… Read more »

DM Industry News 28th October: A DR85 Website for Sale – Name Your Price!

Subscribe to the Domain Magnate Newsletter * indicates required Email Address * Domain Magnate Update We have a WP themes website with DR85 for sale this week, which generated over $76K in theme sales over the past 4 years, averaging around $500/month in current theme sales. The sale includes 38 unique themes, well-positioned on… Read more »

How to Value Your Online Business

No one builds up an online business for nothing. Of course, passion is one thing. But most people in the online business space are also hoping their business will become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It is easy to see when your website starts performing well. You are making sales,… Read more »

A Guide to WordPress Websites – Optimizing, Selling and Buying

There are a lot of WordPress sites out there. And even though WordPress is a free-to-use site builder, WordPress sites can still be pretty lucrative. This means that there is a significant market for buying and selling WordPress sites. The most sought-after are of course the ones that; have the highest traffic, run quickly and… Read more »

How Websites Make Money – 8 Common Ways

Blogs, Vlogs, Instagram, Advertising. These days, there are many more ways to make money online than simply flogging goods for cash. In fact, there are a whole host of ways people monetize their websites, from advertising to donations. If you are looking to buy or start an online business, it is important to get to… Read more »

Save Money and Save the Internet!

Save Money and Save the Internet! Best deal you’ll find this year! In light of the recent SOPA controversy, many registrars are now offering discounts for domain transfers. Ok, to be fair there is no controversy – SOPA is bad, very bad, for the whole Internet, except GoDaddy, who helped write it and are now paying… Read more »

Happy 2011 and a Quick Update

Wishing everyone a happy and extra prosperous 2011. May your parking revenue quadruple and genuine end user request emails fill in your inbox! I posted a quick update of what I’ve been up to lately over here. What is 2011 going to bring to domainers? As usual some good news and some bad news, I’m… Read more » Sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? a domain registered only on Sept 24, 2010  – less than a week ago,  was reported sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? There are discussions on this on DNF and NP. The domain is merely a week old. was sold for $500K as observed on the recent dnjournal weekly sales report, so… Read more »

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