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How Websites Make Money – 8 Common Ways

Blogs, Vlogs, Instagram, Advertising. These days, there are many more ways to make money online than simply flogging goods for cash. In fact, there are a whole host of ways people monetize their websites, from advertising to donations. If you are looking to buy or start an online business, it is important to get to… Read more »

Seven Reasons For Selling Your Business

Picture this. John has spent time and money building up his online business. He has worked on the marketing, he has built up traffic, the site is generating revenue. Life is good. So why on earth would he sell it? Actually, there are a number of reasons that people decide to sell their established websites…. Read more »

Save Money and Save the Internet!

Save Money and Save the Internet! Best deal you’ll find this year! In light of the recent SOPA controversy, many registrars are now offering discounts for domain transfers. Ok, to be fair there is no controversy – SOPA is bad, very bad, for the whole Internet, except GoDaddy, who helped write it and are now paying… Read more »

Happy 2011 and a Quick Update

Wishing everyone a happy and extra prosperous 2011. May your parking revenue quadruple and genuine end user request emails fill in your inbox! I posted a quick update of what I’ve been up to lately over here. What is 2011 going to bring to domainers? As usual some good news and some bad news, I’m… Read more »

NameCheap Coupon SAVEBIG – $4.99 .com’s – Valid Today Only!

NameCheap Coupon SAVEBIG – $4.99 .com’s – Valid Today Only! $4.99 for transfers of .com, .net, .org domains and $5.99 for new registrations. Valid on October 5, 2010 only, use the code SAVEBIG before check out Sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? a domain registered only on Sept 24, 2010  – less than a week ago,  was reported sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? There are discussions on this on DNF and NP. The domain is merely a week old. was sold for $500K as observed on the recent dnjournal weekly sales report, so… Read more »

Gemar Ghatimah Tovah – to All My Fellow Jewish Domainers

Wishing an easy and efficient  fast and gemar chatimah tovah to all my fellow Jewish domainers (and yes there are quite a few 😉 ) on this Yom Kippur eve. For everyone else wondering what is this about feel free to read up here. – Down for the Whole Day! has been down for the Whole Day today! Anyone has a scoop on what’s going on? Is it a DOS attack, a server move, or did they forget to pay the hosting bill? Update: NP is back up and running at full force! Was down for around 2 full days, which is a record… Read more »

Best Place to Buy .co Domains and Some Stats

.co domains are the undoubtedly biggest story of 2010, while many people are skeptical about them, the auctions are already fetching prices high enough to shame any cctld. Ironically appears to have the lowest prices for .co domains. The (double) irony is in the fact that despite having the word “cheap” in its name… Read more »

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