An Unusually High Amount of Clearance Sales – Best Time to Go Bargain Hunting

There has been an unusually high amount of clearance sales and cheap lots posted for sales lately. People are likely coming back from the summer vacations and discovering that the renewals are coming, so trying to sell some names cheap and quick to raise money. This is the perfect opportunity for low budget domain resellers […] – Down for the Whole Day! has been down for the Whole Day today! Anyone has a scoop on what’s going on? Is it a DOS attack, a server move, or did they forget to pay the hosting bill? Update: NP is back up and running at full force! Was down for around 2 full days, which is a record […]

788 Domains Stolen, Including

Update: was recovered with the help of godaddy More stolen names might soon pop up for sale, so be warned! Also a quick reminder: don’t use gmail, or other free email addresses as whois addresses for your domains. They can be hacked! More details are from a namepros thread: Some of them are: […]

NamePros is Down Again

Namepros is having some technical difficulties and the forum is not working currently. This happens very frequently lately, which is getting quite annoying. They should get a new server, or something. I got a bunch of pm notifications by email and I can’t view them.