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Category: namepros – Down for the Whole Day! has been down for the Whole Day today! Anyone has a scoop on what’s going on? Is it a DOS attack, a server move, or did they forget to pay the hosting bill? Update: NP is back up and running at full force! Was down for around 2 full days, which is a record… Read more »

788 Domains Stolen, Including

Update: was recovered with the help of godaddy More stolen names might soon pop up for sale, so be warned! Also a quick reminder: don’t use gmail, or other free email addresses as whois addresses for your domains. They can be hacked! More details are from a namepros thread: Some of them are:… Read more »

NamePros is Down Again

Namepros is having some technical difficulties and the forum is not working currently. This happens very frequently lately, which is getting quite annoying. They should get a new server, or something. I got a bunch of pm notifications by email and I can’t view them.

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