Sold for $17,300, A Month Ago – $26,300

Namejet had some good time lately auctioning off top generic names for high amounts. One of these was, which ended today at $17,300 – decent price for any “obscure” 2 word domain, however it was in fact auctioned a month ago on July, 21 – then the auctioned fetched $26,300. Probably the winner didn’t […] Prices Collapse?

First time I’m seeing guide lowering prices and not just lowering, but by over 20% in a month! 3-Letter .com – $6000 (- $1650 since July 1, 2008 report) 3 letter .net lost 3.6% according to the guide. What’s gonna happen next with the Well no one knows for sure. From a discussion […]

Recent Big Sales

A few top sales recently: Sells for $120,000 by Sedo in one of the top .org sales so far. – $26,300 On NameJet. Namejet is becoming the new snapnames! Generic .com names fetch top prices at NJ. $10,363 for $45K on Sedo – Sells for $35,300 on NameJet – Sells for $35,300 on NameJet, a little higher than I’ve expected, bt a fair price indeed. This domain initiated a long discussion over at namepros about its value More namejet sales this week: $30,500 $16,694 $11,000 $8,901

Recent Sales Compilation – 5

Here is the fifth monthly Recent Sales compilation.’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database and NP sales thread. […]

The Hidden Potential of

This posts discusses the unique potential of the top quality names and provides valuable tips and updates on where to get them at bargain prices. remains the most frequently traded type of domains between domainers on the forums and it’s thus important to know the prices and be aware of the market trends […]

Recent Sales Compilation – 3

Another sales compilation here from the last 3 days. It looks the prices in the lower end are stabilizing and starting to grow once again. Sedo $1,390 $800 $850 $5,100 $125 $410 $1,510 $90 $610 $650 $1,550 $500 $500 $500 […]

Recent High Value Sales

A short sales report here on recent premium sales above $1k from last 10 days: $6,000.00 03/26/2008 Afternic $6,750.00 03/26/2008 Sedo $1,301.00 03/24/2008 NameJet $1,055.00 03/22/2008 SnapNames $8,200.00 03/22/2008 NameJet $1,038.00 03/22/2008 TDNAM $1,801.00 03/21/2008 Sedo $1,850.00 03/21/2008 Sedo $1,050.00 03/21/2008 Sedo

Latest and Other Numeric Sales

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the 5 digit domains and that was mostly because there are not many sales and even those get unnoticed since they are rarely reported outside of snapnames and namejet. But here they are: Sedo $650 $360 $60 Snapnames $110.00 $59.00 […]

Latest Namejet Sales

A few latest sales from namejet, borrowed from thedomains $25,201 $22,700 $10,700 $ 8,664 $ 8,200