Special Opening Night Live Auction Announced! Moniker

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York – Moniker to Produce Special Opening Night Live Auction! See Featured Inventory in Live Auctions   » New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, NY   Opening Night Live Auction Tue, September 23, 2008 7:30PM EDT Premium Live Auction Thurs, September 25, 2008 3:00PM EDT Extended Online Auction Sept […]

Search Engine Strategies Auction Results

Another Moniker Auction just eneded:  Search Engine Strategies Most SEO guys can easily pay thousands of $$ for links, but they aren’t willing to spend the money on domains. It’s a shame they still don’t get it: better domain will help the SEO campaign as well, in many ways. Even though the domains weren’t high […]

bj.com – $200,000; anal.net – $90,000 and more

bj.com – $200,000; anal.net – $90,000, shemales.net- $60,000, sluts.net – $58,000 and more names sell at the moniker adult expo auction. Which brings close to $600K of sales. A total of 53 domains were sold out of 8700. Also one cvcv.com sale: debi.com – $5,000 Not too many sales, but still a decent performance for […]

Internext Show Domains – Moniker

Moniker.com released the list of new domains for Internext Show to be held on Friday at 2pm EST, Aug 8, 2008 BJ.com, Cock.com, Penis.com  and Porn.ca are sure winners here.  Other top names would be: GayGuys.com, GangBang.com, TopModel.com, BigDick.com, AnalSex.com, Pornography.com. However the reserves seem quite high on many names, so I expect most high […]

TRAFFIC will have 5 Auction Providers

Nice to see the industry leaders working together, TRAFFIC in NY will have domains from all the major players: Moniker Aftermarket.com / DomainTools Rick Latona Bido.com Sedo

Moniker.com Silent Geo Auction Fails to Get Decent Prices

thedomains reports these sales, totaling $25k: eastorange.com                         $5,890.00 northolmstead.com                   $2,950.00 norridge.com                             $2,950.00 southeuclid.com                        $2,950.00 aaan.com                                   $920.00 carinsurancewashington.co       $890.00 StateOfNewMexico.org              $850.00 lakehavasu.tv                            $590.00 eastleon.com                            $590.00 japanonline.net                         $590.00

GEO Domain Expo Results

The moniker.com auction from the Geo show in Chicago just concluded with a total of $284K of domains sold. While there were some good sales, in general I’d say it didn’t do that well. Many people got bargains on city domains Here is a list of all the domains that sold: SantaClara.com                         $82,500 Afghan.com                             $30,000 […]

Latest Moniker Auctions Results

The silent auction which ended recently netted $99k, according to the domains reports: The silent auction from the Paris Domainers show just concluded and a total of 64 domains were sold for $99K sprints.com                                $35,300.00 asj.com                                    $15,300.00 jpv.com                                     $8,240.00 WorkFromHome.info                           $5,000.00 travelplus.com                              $3,530.00 MKF.NET                   $1,770.00

Israel.com Not Sold for $5.88 Million

Moniker confirmed that the sale didn’t occur! The haaretz article about the sale was based on false info, With America.com in the low reaching only $1.7M, Israel.com sold for $5.88MM today through moniker, hitting it’s $5.5 MM reserve. While it will top the annually sales chart the domain is priceless to any Jewish person and […]

Moniker.com Silent TRAFFIC Auction Grosses $737K

The Silent Auction of the TRAFFIC show just ended and the total sales was just over $737,000, with DomainRegistration.com selling for $376K.  I would assume at that price it was picked up by a registrar rather than a domainer. In all 195 domains sold Here are the sales: Title Bid domainregistration.com $376,480.00 undies.com $70,590.00 lonelywives.com […]