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Recent High Value LLLL.com Sales

A short sales report here on recent premium LLLL.com sales above $1k from last 10 days: Aido.com $6,000.00 03/26/2008 Afternic pcga.com $6,750.00 03/26/2008 Sedo foqa.com $1,301.00 03/24/2008 NameJet HIQI.com $1,055.00 03/22/2008 SnapNames JAPS.com $8,200.00 03/22/2008 NameJet ogit.com $1,038.00 03/22/2008 TDNAM cozu.com $1,801.00 03/21/2008 Sedo gmix.com $1,850.00 03/21/2008 Sedo wuge.com $1,050.00 03/21/2008 Sedo

LLLL.com Live Auction on NP

The first LLLL.com Live Auction on NP is coming soon! http://www.tymaier.com/listings/ LLLL.com Exclusive Live Auction March 22nd, 2008 @ 4PM EST (GMT-5) This auction will be conducted in the Namepros Chatroom. For all information (and updates) on the auction please visit this page. (Terms can be found at the bottom of the page.) Some of… Read more »

OOOM.com For Sale

I’m selling one of my best LLLL.com domains OOOM.com One of only 26 domains with triple O’s and even less with all premium letters. It’s for sale on DNforum, but you can also send offers via this post. Current high offer on dnf is $2000 and I’m looking for a little more to sell quick…. Read more »

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 2

Similar to the previous one here is a second LLLL.com sales compilation from last 2 days to reflect the current market prices. SnapNames artr.com $900.00 jspk.com $110.00 jvdv.com $65.00 kknl.com $130.00 krwt.com $59.00 lxwd.com $50.00 mxep.com $75.00 qdzl.com $52.00 rxsu.com $60.00 ttgu.com $161.00 vcou.com $72.00 vqso.com $50.00 yhkm.com $68.00 zlht.com $65.00 ztcm.com $75.00

LLLL.com – A Temporary Slowdown Due to Market Correction

New LLLL.com price guide is out by Reece and we can see that prices have slowed a bit: Data derived from TDVR.com, the largest LLLL.com database. Numbers in parentheses reflect Feb 17, 2008 statistics. Current prices reflect the results of the 500 most recent reported LLLL.com sales within the Feb 25, 2008 through Mar 5,… Read more »

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda and many people selling their LLLL.com’s cheap on DNF, believing the prices will fall. Well good for those who are quick to get the bargains! Patient domainers, who are ready to wait will eventually make the highest profit. If you sell in a hurry you always lose. Check today’s and yesterday’s… Read more »

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out on 4letternoob blog by Reece. Quad premiums had the highest increase in prices, which was only expected as they are the most desirable of all 4 letters. Triple premiums with Z and other letters seem to be the real bargain at these prices. They are not too ugly and… Read more »

Why LLLL.com Domains Will Grow in Price

Some domainers, including Elliot, Dominic and admins of DomainState have recently expressed their opinions about LLLL.com domains describing them as a “bubble that will one day explode”. What are the reasons they list? LLLL.com domains have no end user value LLLL.com domains were bought out by domainers and are only sold between domainers There are… Read more »

Premium LLLL.net Buyout

Last Premium LLLL.net’s were bought out on Feb,5 2007 – 3 days ago. Now you can already see threads on namepros selling these for $20-25 each and some are getting purchased. It’s pretty obvious that these will grow in price and based on past LLL.net growth and LLLL.com quick rise to power, I predict the… Read more »

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