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DATO.com on Sedo Closing NOW

DATO.com – 70 Million google results – Means “Data” in Spanish – one of the most valuable keywords – DataRecovery.com recently sold for $1.7 MILLION! – VINO.com was on GreatDomains auction last month and bidding went up to $66K Bid here Perfect domain for any IT related company in a Spanish speaking country and one… Read more »

OOOM.com + BBBD.com + NNNM.com For $5500

This weeks bargain on DomainMagnate.com:  OOOM.com + BBBD.com + NNNM.com For $5500 – Post sold in the comments to claim the domains – payment accepted only by escrow.com or direct wire, buyer pays all fees. This is a very solid investment and a great addition to any domain portfolio. Especially now when the prices for… Read more »

Frequency Analysis of Top LLLL.com Sales

Letter quality brings up heated discussions every time on domaining forums and that’s not surprising since this is one of the top indicators for LLLL.com pricing. In this post I’ve done some frequency analysis on the 200 top LLLL.com sales from last 4 months. These are all the reported sales above $2000 so it should… Read more »

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 4

Here is the forth monthly Recent LLLL.com Sales compilation. LLLL.com’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database Many nice end user… Read more »

Fehu.com vs. Rihu.com

I was just checking the recent sales of cvcv.com at tdvr.com and noticed a strange thing. rihu.com $1,566.00 Apr/16/08 04:00 PM EST Sedo fehu.com $3,000.00 Apr/14/08 10:53 PM CEST Sedo Both sold on sedo, same week, almost same letters and similar quality, yet such a big difference in price, why? “Fehu” has 162K results in… Read more »

The Hidden Potential of CVCV.com

This posts discusses the unique potential of the top quality CVCV.com names and provides valuable tips and updates on where to get them at bargain prices. LLLL.com remains the most frequently traded type of domains between domainers on the forums and it’s thus important to know the prices and be aware of the market trends… Read more »

GOXA.com and More CVCV.com’s on Sedo

Hey all, I have a few auctions running at sedo, bid away. GOXA.com BEHY.com GIHY.com Popa.com just ended at sedo for 9700 euro, or $15,270 raising the bar that much higher for cvcv’s. Check out the prediction thread at DNF

LLLL.com Drops Reduce

LLLL.com Drops Reduce according this this graph posted over at namepros by Ergo (click the  image for full page picture) The reducing number of dropping LLLL.com’s should have a positive effect on the market pricing, because there will be less 4L domains on auctions while the demand stays the same, prices are expected to rise… Read more »

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 3

Another sales compilation here from the last 3 days. It looks the prices in the lower end LLLL.com are stabilizing and starting to grow once again. Sedo VUFI.com $1,390 LETP.com $800 YASM.com $850 witu.com $5,100 cstw.com $125 rrzz.com $410 qmen.com $1,510 jomv.com $90 uaau.com $610 vvww.com $650 vudi.com $1,550 wouu.com $500 PLLP.com $500 lypi.com $500… Read more »

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