Buying, 4 letter .com Domain Names – Contact for Sales

I’m currently looking to buy a bunch of 4 letter domains, in types and shapes. Bulk deals are welcome. So feel free to contact me and send your lists if you’re selling. Use this form, or facebook, or contact via forums, my handle is  DomainMagnate everywhere.  

Best Place to Buy .co Domains and Some Stats

.co domains are the undoubtedly biggest story of 2010, while many people are skeptical about them, the auctions are already fetching prices high enough to shame any cctld. Ironically appears to have the lowest prices for .co domains. The (double) irony is in the fact that despite having the word “cheap” in its name… Read more »,, and More For Sale

– Top 4 letter domain at bargain prices. – 10% discount if you purchase 3 or more domains – Payments by paypal masspay, or moneybookers $675 each:

Thousands of’s Will Drop This Month

About a year ago things were quite different and domainers were encouraged to invest by ever rising prices on both short domains and generics and recent buyouts (such as and premium letter’s) which proven to be quite worthwhile. Minimum prices for’s reached $65 during peak times and there was a healthy supply… Read more »

‘’ Goes for $7900 on Sedo

The domain recently sold on sedo for $7900. This is undoubtedly one of the best of 4 letter domains and a perfect one to make a site on the industry news and sales. The previous owner VURG planned to do so, but eventually decided to sell the domain. The new buyer is Reece, the… Read more » For Sale For Sale on dnforum and here Expiration Date: 2010-12-28 Creation Date: 1998-12-28 – top, pronounceable and memorable – Over 20 Million results in google, – first and last name in various countries sedo stats last 32 days: 318 23 7.23% 0.11 € 8.25 € 2.62 € taking offers on the dnf… Read more » For Sale – Top domain With Revenue, from 1996

Update: domain was sold GODADDY.COM Expiration Date: 2009-02-20 Creation Date: 1996-02-19 Made 4.53 € = $7.04 in 32 days on sedo. Average 34 visitors per day. Screenshot here Rather high ctr, but very low clicks, so with some optimization and maybe at another parking service it can do much more. Over 1,5 Million results… Read more »

Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June

Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June. Reece published the full sales list Most were definitely great deals, such as: 13 205.00 USD 16 Triple Repeat 10,000.00 USD 785.00 USD 655.00 USD 678.00 USD 1,025.00 USD

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