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Recent High Value Sales

A short sales report here on recent premium sales above $1k from last 10 days: $6,000.00 03/26/2008 Afternic $6,750.00 03/26/2008 Sedo $1,301.00 03/24/2008 NameJet $1,055.00 03/22/2008 SnapNames $8,200.00 03/22/2008 NameJet $1,038.00 03/22/2008 TDNAM $1,801.00 03/21/2008 Sedo $1,850.00 03/21/2008 Sedo $1,050.00 03/21/2008 Sedo

Latest and Other Numeric Sales

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the 5 digit domains and that was mostly because there are not many sales and even those get unnoticed since they are rarely reported outside of snapnames and namejet. But here they are: Sedo $650 $360 $60 Snapnames $110.00 $59.00… Read more »

Latest Namejet Sales

A few latest sales from namejet, borrowed from thedomains $25,201 $22,700 $10,700 $ 8,664 $ 8,200

Tucows Reveals Key Domain Name Portfolio Assets

After their previous note a month ago a new press release by Tucows reveals some interesting details including part of their domain portfolio: TORONTO, February 20, 2008 – Tucows Inc., (AMEX:TCX, TSX:TC) a leading provider of Internet services to web hosting companies and ISPs worldwide, today announced that as of February 14, 2008 the Company… Read more »

CNN: World-Record $10 Million Domain Sale!

Big news in the domaining world. CNN reported the highest domain sale ever sold for $10 million. Clek Media Inc. (“Clek”) today announced that it has brokered the world-record sale of the domain FUND.COM for US$9,999,950 in an all-cash transaction. That’s a lot of cash to carry around 😀 Clek, a media consulting firm,… Read more »

All SnapNames Auctions Ending Soon

Here is a list of 28 I’ve researched with all the 5 number domains ending within 24 hours on snapnames and the current min bids to enter: $18.00 $16.00 $14.00 $17.00 $12.00 $41.00 $14.00 $16.00 $16.00 $47.00 $16.00 $16.00 $16.00… Read more »

List of 1477 Better Quality’s are running out by 2K registrations per day and around 6K are remaining right now. Here is a list of better quality’s that don’t have . All 5N’s with ‘0’ at the end are already registered and ‘0’ in other places, other than the last digit, is considered not good. Download the list… Read more » Available List Posted – 8190 Remain Available List Posted 8190 Remain Unregistered. With current trends going on will be history in 3-5 days. – All’s starting with 1,2 and 9 are now gone. In fact there is one remaining but don’t expect it be long after this post: (added: the winner is RezaS on NP) –… Read more »

13628 Remaining – List Inside

13,628 Remaining from my most recent scan. Download the list here Also check out the Countdown timeline We are very close to the buyout, so if you want to reg some’s now is a good time to do so 😉

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