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Live TRAFFIC Auction Brings $2.55MM

The recent live auction at the TRAFFIC show netted only $2,555,00, which is a big downtime from last action. The most lively domain of the day was one we picked out last week,, which rode all the way from a $1,000 reserve, to a $42,000 selling price. Reportedly there were only 75 people in… Read more »

159 Domains Available

159 Domains Available out of 676.’s are selling for a min of around $100 and up and judging by the .com’s L-L usually sell for about 30% of LLL. The – two letter Canadian domains are selling for 5-10k minimum now and this is out of reach for smaller end users, this… Read more »

New PriceGuide by Reece

New PriceGuide by Reece is out  As can be seen, prices have stabilized and are no longer fluctuating significantly in either direction, which is a good indicator of a healthy market long term. Lately, there have been far more lower quality sales than there have been higher quality sales, so I’ve been… Read more »

Domaining Time Machine: Back to 2004

Here is a little glimpse of domaining history with help of 2004 top sales It’s always interesting to see the old sales to find what was a good buy and what wasn’t and try to predict the future prices by that: $2,750,000 Pvt Sale $700,000 Pvt Sale $460,000 Moniker / Domain… Read more »

Top Sedo Sales Last Week

Top sedo sales publiched by domainnamenews: 40,000 USD GreatDomains 28,500 USD GreatDomains 24,500 USD 12,500 USD 10,100 USD 8,750 USD 7,600 USD 7,100 USD GreatDomains 7,000 USD 6,700 USD 6,100 EUR 6,000 EUR  more..

TRAFFIC Auction List – Moniker has released the list for the domains to be auctioned off at live auction at the TRAFFIC Orlando show on Friday May 24. Remote live bidding will be available through There are some great names on the list. As usual lists a range of reserve for each domain rather than an actual… Read more »

Frequency Analysis of Top Sales

Letter quality brings up heated discussions every time on domaining forums and that’s not surprising since this is one of the top indicators for pricing. In this post I’ve done some frequency analysis on the 200 top sales from last 4 months. These are all the reported sales above $2000 so it should… Read more »

Recent Sales Compilation – 4

Here is the forth monthly Recent Sales compilation.’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database Many nice end user… Read more »

The Hidden Potential of

This posts discusses the unique potential of the top quality names and provides valuable tips and updates on where to get them at bargain prices. remains the most frequently traded type of domains between domainers on the forums and it’s thus important to know the prices and be aware of the market trends… Read more »

Top .in Domains Owners

Here is some interesting information about the .in domaining space. .in domains became available for registration only in 2005 (there was before that, which is less popular now) and all the top names are taken by several individuals/organizations. There are currently around 400k-500K .in domains registered. For comparison .asia which just started recently has… Read more »

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