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Analysis of Available Western 5 Letter Domains and Others

Analysis of Available Western 5 Letter Domains and Others I did quite a bit of research over the past days to register some quality 5 Letter domains,, below are some results. First of all, this is geared towards the western, English speaking world, and potential end-users, and it’s mostly unrelated to the recent… Read more »

South African cctld Sales

Up until today I never heard of any domain sales. Dnjournal had 3 high value sales for the South African tld in the recent report:     $56,000     Pvt Sale     $36,500     Pvt Sale     $14,536     Pvt Sale These are private sales most likely to end users, so they… Read more »

ALL Sales for 2010 And Price Analysis

There seems to be an elevated interest in domains  lately from domain resellers and investors, especially the and types.  However most people still take the price guide into account, not realizing how far those values are from the market reality, so I’ve compiled a list of ALL reported domain sales… Read more » Price Guide is Outdated and Incorrect!

With all the respect to Zesty for keeping and maintaining the 3 char domains price guide, which has been a valuable resource for domainers for many years, lately it has become quite outdated and some of the price figures in it have little to do with the reality on the market. Here are some examples:… Read more »

Available GEO Domains For Grabs

Here is a list of available names I recently checked:

Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June

Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June. Reece published the full sales list Most were definitely great deals, such as: 13 205.00 USD 16 Triple Repeat 10,000.00 USD 785.00 USD 655.00 USD 678.00 USD 1,025.00 USD

MyID Next Auction List

Myid published a list of .ca domain for the next auction, which starts in about 8 days. Quite an impressive one this time:  2-3 characters 1. ($1751 – $2500) 2. ($1001 – $1750) 3. ($251 – $500) 4. ($251 – $500) 5. ($1751 – $2500)

Dot Ca Domains Up

The recent dnjournal report featured many high value .ca domains sales from myid auctions. $54,977 $26,242 $17,999 $15,663 $11,410 $9,959 $4,149 $3,112 $2,624 $2,438 $1,817 $1,816 $1,559 $1,556

Recent Sales Compilation – 5

Here is the fifth monthly Recent Sales compilation.’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database and NP sales thread…. Read more »

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