A Hilarious TradeMark Response Slütsof in Stagram

The owner of SlutsofInstagram.com got a cease and decist letter from Instagram, the most successful iphone app ever, with 30 million users. At first it all seems to be quite clear and Instagram would have a fairly strong case there:

eBay Suing Digital Point over Cookie Stuffing Scheme

eBay has filed suit against Digital Point Solutions, best known as the owner of one of the more popular web site owner communities, and others over an alleged cookie stuffing scheme. According to the filing lodged in the Northern California District Court, Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and […]

Anti-Anti-Cybersquatting Patent

DomainNameWire reports about a very interesting patent filled by Frank Schilling with the help of domain attorney John Berryhill:  On April 24, 2006, domain name portfolio owner Frank Schilling filed a patent application for “Generic top-level domain re-routing system” with the help of attorney John Berryhill. This patent, if granted, could end up being very […]

LH.com Case

Interesting case and decision and not in a good way.. http://domains.adrforum.com/domains/decisions/1153492.htm PARTIES Complainant is Deutsche Lufthansa AG (“Complainant”), represented by Dennis J. Mondolino of McDermott Will & Emery LLP, of New York, USA. Respondent is Future Media Architects, Inc. (“Respondent”), represented by James E. Rosini of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP of New York, USA. REGISTRAR […]

Many LLLL.com Possibly Stolen: EGF.com, Sibe.com, gmeil.com, elli.com, gtoy.com and more..

It was reported today on DNF that a large amount of quality LLLL.com domains were stolen, among them egf.com, neoo.com, elli.com, gtoy.com, lave.com, sibe.com, ftc.net, 3004.COM GEHO.COM, gmile.com, mopi.com: The domains as shown below were transferred illegaly on 13,14,15 April,2008 by unknown domain hacker. The original legal owner is Goi Media(Heongho Kim),he reported all suspected […]

ICQ.ca in Pool.com – Can a TM Violation Be More Obvious?

ICQ.ca in now at auction in Pool.com with current high offer $2302 and over 3 days to go. Now obviously this LLL.ca domain is only that valuable due to the popular IM program with the same name. So it’s very likely that icq.ca has some very good type in traffic that can let the owner […]