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Interview With solokkhz – Full Time Web Entrepreneur publishes interviews with different domainers and webmasters to bring you a unique and personal view on domaining and site development. If you’d like to have your interview published on the site shoot me an email to ‘contact’ (at) this domain. The interviews are usually published unedited. – Tell us about yourself Hi, I am… Read more »

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I will be posting more interviews soon with different domainers of all levels, starting from the beginning domainers to the top stars of the domaining community. Everyone gets a fair chance, the only requirement is that you have to own at least 10 domains and be an active member of the domaining world. Post below… Read more »

Interview With rjs_essex by DomainMagnate presents an interview with Rich from Quad Letter Domains – Name, age, location? Richard Shorten, 25, United Kingdom – What are your top 3 domains? I have lots of names spread across many different niches and lately have focussed heavily on quad letter domains so its difficult to single out specifics… – Username on… Read more »

Interview With DomainBits by DomainMagnate presents an interview with Jeff from Details about yourself, occupation, age, location. Hi Michael! Thanks for the interview. I’m in my late 30s, and live in Ottawa, Canada, with my wife and 4-year old son. My wife and I work together from home – on domaining as well as marketing and running our… Read more »

Interview With Tetrapak by DomainMagnate presents an interview with Daniel, or tetrapak on NamePros and DNForum. Daniel is 23 and a full time domainer/web developer – How long have you been into domaining and how did you get into it? The story how i got into the domain industry is a bit funny, at least i can laugh now….. Read more »

Dotster CEO Interview by DomainInformer

Would you tell us a few words about yourself? How long have you been working in the domain and web hosting industry? I have been with Dotster in the domain and web hosting industry since it was privatized in 2000. During that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been part of several industry firsts,… Read more »

Mike Dammann interviews Rick Schwartz

A recent interview with Rick Schwartz posted over at Search Feature: Mike Dammann: How did you get the idea to start the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference and Expos and how close are you to the search engine industry? Rick Schwartz: It started as a 12 person get together at my home. When 35 wanted to come… Read more »

Interview With Basement from DNBuff

This is the first of a series of interviews with different domainers intended to let everyone express their views, opinions and share their experience. I think it will be interesting for most domainers to see how their fellows are doing. If you’d like to get interviewed feel free to contact. Domainers with all levels of… Read more »

Announcement: Get Interviewed By Domain Magnate

In this new section I’m planning to post a series of interviews with other domainers. Unlike other Interviewers I’m not going after the domaining celebrities, but rather much smaller scale domainers and domain professionals like the average readers of my blog in order to give everyone a fair chance to express their opinions and share… Read more »

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