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All My Sites Are Down Ughh!

Probably the most frustrating part of this business that every webmaster faces. Most of my sites are down currently, as my hosting company IceBlueHost is having some issues with their datacenter. They’ve been down for about half a day now and there is not much I can really do, except wait. We are sorry to report that currently… Read more »

How to Set UpTime Monitoring for Your Website in 2 min

How to Set UpTime Monitoring for Your Website in 2 min Managing over 100 sites can be quite complicated, so I tend to only check up on the bigger ones. As most of my sites don’t require much maintenance some go for months or even years without updates. This used to create problems in the past… Read more »

Another One of Those Awful Hosting Experiences

Having to host dozens of different sites I have many shared hosting accounts, some VPS’s and a dedicated server. One of these cheap shared accounts is with and recently I needed to add some redirects to “mask” the long and ugly affiliate urls. I usually do this with a 301 redirect through .htaccess. There… Read more »

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