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Available GEO Domains For Grabs

Here is a list of available names I recently checked:

Adsense Pays Well on GEO

Since I’ve started developing my US city domains I’ve been positively surprised by the adsense clicks. In general my average adsense clicks are between $0.20-0.30 through out my sites, but the US city names had many clicks in the $0.5-$1 range. The traffic is as targeted as you can get and it’s easy to understand… Read more »

GeoDomain Expo by Dnjournal

Dnjournal has an interesting story today about the recent GeoDomain conference. Highly recommended to all geo domain owners. Among the contest nomination for top developed city domains were such gems as: Silent Geo Auction Fails to Get Decent Prices

thedomains reports these sales, totaling $25k:                         $5,890.00                   $2,950.00                             $2,950.00                        $2,950.00                                   $920.00       $890.00              $850.00                            $590.00                            $590.00                         $590.00

GEO Domain Expo Results

The auction from the Geo show in Chicago just concluded with a total of $284K of domains sold. While there were some good sales, in general I’d say it didn’t do that well. Many people got bargains on city domains Here is a list of all the domains that sold:                         $82,500                             $30,000… Read more »

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