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Forum Selling Tips – 1

Hey all, I sell domains through forums quite frequently and always try to improve my sales threads and techniques, so I thought I’d share a few tips here in hopes that it will be useful. This post will mostly contain general tips, for more specific advice watch for the next posts in the series. Include… Read more »

The Hidden Potential of

This posts discusses the unique potential of the top quality names and provides valuable tips and updates on where to get them at bargain prices. remains the most frequently traded type of domains between domainers on the forums and it’s thus important to know the prices and be aware of the market trends… Read more »

April 1st Domainer Jokes

Instead of making my own April prank I decided to list a few others tried. Here is todays collection: All currently running GreatDomains auctions have been cancelled. Including! ICANNT announces immediate release of all single letter .com/.net/.org domains Rick Latona is selling for $5k Google launches new tool: Introducing Gmail Custom TimeTM… Read more » Live Auction on NP

The first Live Auction on NP is coming soon! Exclusive Live Auction March 22nd, 2008 @ 4PM EST (GMT-5) This auction will be conducted in the Namepros Chatroom. For all information (and updates) on the auction please visit this page. (Terms can be found at the bottom of the page.) Some of… Read more »

Don’t Broker Stolen Domains..

In shade of recent events on DNForum, where some stolen domains were sold and others offered for sales and brokered, be very careful when asked to broker domains. If a newbie member on a domaining forum asks you to broker a premium domain, there is a high chance it’s a stolen domain, otherwise why wouldn’t… Read more »

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda and many people selling their’s cheap on DNF, believing the prices will fall. Well good for those who are quick to get the bargains! Patient domainers, who are ready to wait will eventually make the highest profit. If you sell in a hurry you always lose. Check today’s and yesterday’s… Read more »

Domain Tools Launches a Forum

Domain Tools Launches a New Forum Looks good and different from the rest, might quickly become the new popular place to get professional domaining advice. Congrats and Good luck to Jay on the new venue!

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