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I’m selling one of my best domains One of only 26 domains with triple O’s and even less with all premium letters. It’s for sale on DNforum, but you can also send offers via this post. Current high offer on dnf is $2000 and I’m looking for a little more to sell quick…. Read more »

Guess and selling price and win $2500 DNF

Hello everyone, I have 2 generic 1 word domains on the next GreatDomains auction which starts today and to make things interesting I’m offering lots of free DNF bucks to everyone here! The two domains are As you can see the reserves are set to the minimal range to encourage more bidders to… Read more »

Several Big Auctions at Sedo – Closing Soon

Sedo has some big names at auctions closing within a few days 700,000 EUR 9 3d 21h 46m 400,000 EUR 8 3d 21h 46m 350,000 $US 3 3d 21h 46m 300,000 $US 11 3d 21h 46m 150,000 $US 3 3d 21h 46m 140,000 EUR 12 3d 21h 46m… Read more »

Moniker T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West Domains List

Moniker released the list of domains to be auctioned in the next T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West. As usually there are many premiums and valuable names, like:,,,,,, WINDOW.COM,,,,, and a few lower quality names, like:, B2BOMBER.COM,,, CHECKAPPROVAL.COM Check more here

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