ISRAEL.COM For Grabs at $5 Million

Israel is being sold off to the highest bidder. The Internet domain name is expected to fetch at least $5.5 million when it is sold at auction, said Monte Cahn, CEO of, which is running the sale. Jean-Noel Frydman, 46, registered the domain name in 1994 and never imagined at the time it […] + + For $5500

This weeks bargain on + + For $5500 – Post sold in the comments to claim the domains – payment accepted only by or direct wire, buyer pays all fees. This is a very solid investment and a great addition to any domain portfolio. Especially now when the prices for […] – New Domain MarketPlace has recently started operating as a new auction site for short domains: is a no commission, next generation domain name auction platform dedicated to short domains. Founded in March 2008, Inc seeks to reduce the pain sellers of domain names currently endure, paying exhorbitant commissions which are in our opinion often unjustified. […] for sale – “Perfume” in Russian, a Billion Dollar Industry DomainMagnate is proud to present a new top domain for sale: – Besides being a premium domain, this means perfume, fragrance in Russian: ???? (the exact spelling, exact same letters). – Perfume is one of the largest and most lucrative industries online. Many affiliate programs offer high commissions. – Perfume is especially […] and More’s on Sedo

Hey all, I have a few auctions running at sedo, bid away. just ended at sedo for 9700 euro, or $15,270 raising the bar that much higher for cvcv’s. Check out the prediction thread at DNF

Ultra Rare – 8 For Sale on DNF

Just saw this: + + + + + + + Hello to all numeric lovers ! We are selling the nicest NN.COM portfolio in the world ! + + + + + + + as a package. Minimal offer […]

iReit Sells at 2000 Price levels

Some more amazing sales were reported through afternic, but not the kind of amazing we used to. This time one lucky guy got a hell of a deal! – $500 – $735 – $500 – $571 – $900 For $1495 – This is not a Joke

Update: Domain was sold. For $1495 – This is not a Joke! Post sold to claim the domain Payment expected within 24 hours – Paypal or escrow, buy pays the fees. —- To Be Auctioned on Sedo is scheduled to be auctioned in GreatDomains monthly auction in 5 days. Reserve is set to above 1 million and if it sells we might see another high value sale to top the annually charts. is also a small developed site, which in this case probably doesn’t add much value. The new owner […] Live Auction on NP

The first Live Auction on NP is coming soon! Exclusive Live Auction March 22nd, 2008 @ 4PM EST (GMT-5) This auction will be conducted in the Namepros Chatroom. For all information (and updates) on the auction please visit this page. (Terms can be found at the bottom of the page.) Some of […]