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Expensive Potatos for Sale on Flippa

After the success of an evil Glitter site auction, another novelty website sale caught my attention on flippa today . is a website that allows you to send a message to friends or foes via a .. potato for $9.99.  The site received a lot of media attention and was featured in many news outlets which spurred its… Read more »

The Coolest Flippa Auction Ever?

A recent auction on flippa broke all records, with 330 bids in just half a day! It’s a neat new site with a unique service – it sends glitter to the people you hate (or like?) the most. In an avalanche of viral effects and incredible publicity the site had over 2.5 million visitors and… Read more »

A Detailed Look at a Site I Bought on Flippa a Year Ago

Almost exactly 13 months ago I bought through this flippa auction, for $2999. How do you think it went? Was it a good purchase? Would you have bought it yourself from that auction? Why did I buy it and how did I do my due diligence on it? What did I do after  buying? What… Read more »

A Quick $2.5k Profit Flip in a Couple Hours of Work

Some of my readers and subscribers saw my earlier flippa sale for and asked about it. Where did I get that site? how did it sell so high with such low revenues? What did I initially pay for it? Read on to find the answers!

Making a Living by Selling Starter Sites on Flippa

A new segment was launched on Flippa recently – Starter Sites. Following the popularity of newly created websites on their marketplace Flippa decided to better capitalize on it, by creating a whole new area for them. In my opinion it’s a good way for new site investors to get their feet wet and enter “the… Read more »

How to Spot a Potential Scam on Flippa

Unfortunately they are not as rare on flippa as you might think. I stumbled upon this auction recently and right away some things seemed very strange about it right away. Upon further investigation you can easily discover that: The domain was registered only a month ago, yet the site already makes thousands of dollars per… Read more »

$989 Adsense Monthly Revenue Website

I’m currently running a flippa auction for these two websites in one listing and They make about $1k per month combined recently, however require quite a bit of maintenance and promotion to sustain and increase the traffic as it’s a very competitive and time sensitive niche. The auction ends in less than 2 days at the… Read more »

Trolls taking over Flippa

One of the worst parts of selling websites on flippa is constantly having to deal with trolls. There is a large and growing number of flippa members who never buy any websites, but like to spread false rumors and attack sellers for outragous accusations and claims. I encounter this in almost every auction I run,… Read more »

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