eBay Suing Digital Point over Cookie Stuffing Scheme

eBay has filed suit against Digital Point Solutions, best known as the owner of one of the more popular web site owner communities, and others over an alleged cookie stuffing scheme. According to the filing lodged in the Northern California District Court, Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and […]

4200 LLLL.com’s on eBay

Here is an interesting auction on ebay now: 4200 LLLL.com domains in one lot BPTQ.COM BQRI.COM BQTW.COM BQVK.COM BQXR.COM BQYV.COM BRTQ.COM ….

Widgets.com on eBay

This week Rick Schwartz decided to quit blogging and put widgets.com on ebay.com With 4 days to go now the auction is up to $120k I’m pretty sure the reserve won’t be reached and domain won’t sell, so no idea why Rick decided to do that. eBay is certainly not the place to sell a […]

iSearch.com Auction on eBay

Here is one auction to watch closely on eBay iSearch.com – can it be the next search engine by Apple, or another major web-portal? Either way in the right auction, like the next moniker Traffic, it can fetch 6 figures. So lets see how much eBay users have to offer. As of now highest offer […]

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 2

Similar to the previous one here is a second LLLL.com sales compilation from last 2 days to reflect the current market prices. SnapNames artr.com $900.00 jspk.com $110.00 jvdv.com $65.00 kknl.com $130.00 krwt.com $59.00 lxwd.com $50.00 mxep.com $75.00 qdzl.com $52.00 rxsu.com $60.00 ttgu.com $161.00 vcou.com $72.00 vqso.com $50.00 yhkm.com $68.00 zlht.com $65.00 ztcm.com $75.00

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda and many people selling their LLLL.com’s cheap on DNF, believing the prices will fall. Well good for those who are quick to get the bargains! Patient domainers, who are ready to wait will eventually make the highest profit. If you sell in a hurry you always lose. Check today’s and yesterday’s […]