South African cctld Sales

Up until today I never heard of any domain sales. Dnjournal had 3 high value sales for the South African tld in the recent report:     $56,000     Pvt Sale     $36,500     Pvt Sale     $14,536     Pvt Sale These are private sales most likely to end users, so they […]

$260,000 for

Top sale in dnjournal’s report today: $260,000 for Looks quite overprices and suspicious indeed, and btw is still available, should be worth at least 25% more 😀 There are a few threads over at dnforum discussing this here and here Some have suggested that similar sales might be fake. There can be many […] $12K @ Sedo recently sold for $12k on sedo. I could see the .com going for that amount, but .info?! Congrats to the seller! Other tops sales were for $220,000, $38,750

GeoDomain Expo by Dnjournal

Dnjournal has an interesting story today about the recent GeoDomain conference. Highly recommended to all geo domain owners. Among the contest nomination for top developed city domains were such gems as:

Recent Numeric Sales

Few interesting numeric sales recently, from dnjornal $75,000 Pvt Sale $92,000 $24,000 $10,503 Sedo $1,500 AfternicDLS $1,120 AfternicDLS

Domaining Time Machine: Back to 2004

Here is a little glimpse of domaining history with help of 2004 top sales It’s always interesting to see the old sales to find what was a good buy and what wasn’t and try to predict the future prices by that: $2,750,000 Pvt Sale $700,000 Pvt Sale $460,000 Moniker / Domain […]

DnJournal Edotiral on Rob Grant

A new interesting cover story on dnjournal There are certain names that everyone in this industry knows, names that newcomers normally encounter within hours of entering the domain business. Names like Rick Schwartz, Kevin Ham, Frank Schilling, the Castello Brothers and others from a small band of pioneers who have reached the top of a […]

New DnJournal Report is Up

New DnJournal Report is Up: closed the $850,000 sale of this week, a deal that ranks as the fourth highest sale reported so far in 2008. Moniker handled the sale for Rick Latona who sold two other domains that landed on our Top 20 chart through his own site, One of those, […] CEO Cover Story by Dnjournal

Another great story by Ron from dnjournal: Born to Run: How Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Ng Built a $200 Million Company Before His 30th Birthday The wave of consolidation that has swept through the domain industry over the past couple of years has left a handful of giants at the head of the pack. […]