An Unusually High Amount of Clearance Sales – Best Time to Go Bargain Hunting

There has been an unusually high amount of clearance sales and cheap lots posted for sales lately. People are likely coming back from the summer vacations and discovering that the renewals are coming, so trying to sell some names cheap and quick to raise money. This is the perfect opportunity for low budget domain resellers […]

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers. Seriously, why would you call your domains premium if you’re selling them for $20 each? How can you call JNVY.COM a premium and moreover a quad premium one? The truth is it’s really one of those useless words to insert in sales threads. Calling […]

DNForum Down

First it was NamePros down for 2 days, now it’s DNForum that is down. Hopefully this won’t last as long. I have a bunch of pms to reply to and several transactions to complete. What’s up with that? Update: DNF is back up after a few hours of downtime, but working slowly for now and […]

What Should We Do About Non-Paying Buyers?

This happened with me yesterday. One of the not so nice sides of domaining. In short: a member blue777 was asking for domains to buy and I pmed him a list of my names, including which is a great domain with many meanings and over 100 million results in google, asking him […] Sold for $3.3 million Sold for $3.3 million – it was first reported 2 months ago, but recently sprung a more heated discussion in sight of the depressing economy and the ridiculous amount for an unpopular extension. Naturally this is the biggest (and possibly the only) .travel sale to date. Despite the shocker it appears to be true […]

A Great Duke of Hell is for sale at a low price of $2950 Bune is a Great Duke of Hell, mighty and strong, who has thirty legions of demons under his command. He changes the place of the dead and makes them demons that are under his power to gather together upon those sepulchres. Bune makes men […]

$173,035.90 RPM

$173,035.90 RPM – meaning $173K for 1000 visitors, how would you like that? 😮 1 visitor and 173.04 USD , probably the highest “per click” you’ll see with any parking program. This interesting case was recently reported in dnforum by a fellow domainer. Apperantly Domain Sponsor pay also for CPA – cost per action – […] Premium Domains Portfolio

Similar to, own a top generic portfolio:   Domain Names We have thousands of domain names, each representing virtual real estate that can be developed into premium online businesses. The powerful nature of targeted visitors and premium branding of generic keyword domains can give rise to a perfect storm of rapid brand recognition […] For Sale For Sale on dnforum and here Expiration Date: 2010-12-28 Creation Date: 1998-12-28 – top, pronounceable and memorable – Over 20 Million results in google, – first and last name in various countries sedo stats last 32 days: 318 23 7.23% 0.11 € 8.25 € 2.62 € taking offers on the dnf […]

Today’s Sales: – $800K, – $50k

Two top sales reported today on Dnforum sells for $800,000 Today the Dutch webmag published the sale of for $800,000. (in Dutch) was purchased through Sedo by a Dutch startup that spent half of its funds on it. The company is not yet reveiling its exact plans with the domain […]